Yeonmi Park Role in Human Activism

Human activist is mostly found in countries where the citizens are not comfortable with the leadership. Activists conduct their activities in various ways with the main aim being to create awareness to the citizens of the injustices being committed by the government. This can be through demonstrations or through holding forums and recently there is the use of social media by activists to reach their target. Their actions however do not go well with the government which feels like its influence to its people is being challenged. Some governments are open to critics and so they allow activists to run their business while some do not entertain any person or organization challenging the leadership. Such governments or regimes are mostly dictatorial.

One of the countries experiencing bad leadership is North Korea and as a result, there have been bold people who are determined to ensure that things are done in the right way. One of such activist is Yeonmi Park who is a female activist on twitter who has become popular for his young age and great courage to stand against the leadership of North Korean government. This has made her to be sought after by the authority with the aim of stopping her activism against the government.

The government has tried on several occasions to silence her through smear campaigns which are aimed at portraying her as a puppet of the west. The latest move by the government was on 31 January, 2015 when they posted a video on the government owned website which denounced Yeonmi Park which was aimed at assassinating her character. This has also happened previously to other human right activists and defectors that have tried to challenge the North Korean government. Park Sang-hak has also faced similar treatment by the government who has labeled him as a human scum for his campaigns against the North Korean regime.

Yeonmi Park is currently a student of criminal justice at Dongguk University in Seoul and features in various media houses such as South Korean TV, BBC, Radio Free Asia and Voice of America. In all these features, she narrates the painful story that the people of North Korea go through in their day to day lives under the current regime. Her story has also been featured in various publishing companies such as New York Times, The Guardian and the North Korean News. Her story involves her experiences from the day she was born to when they escaped to China with her father for fear of execution by the North Korean Government. The first time she told her story was during the One Young World Summit in Dublin where the she narrated how they walked for miles with her mother in search of freedom through Gobi desert on their way to Mongolia. The story was so emotional that it left the audience in tears. The same was widely shared on YouTube and the truth was known to the world.

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    She was born in Hyesan region in North Korea about 21 years ago and has grown to become an outspoken human right activist in North Korea which is considered one of the most repressive regimes. That may be the easiest way for essay writing services reviews to recognize that these things are not that easy to have especially when they get around anything that comes around their way.