Why Photography Should Still Be Important To People

With the ways technology has improved our lives, many old habits and methods are being underutilized and underappreciated. More than anything, we need to be more aware of the fact that it was these old yet creative methods that opened the door for the advancements we have today. One of these old methods is the amazing method of photography. Even though the art of photography is still alive and well today, the majority of the population is not as appreciative of how far we have come with this method. Nowadays, we have top of the line photography pieces from our own smartphones. This is a day in age that many of the past generations never imagined that we would reach. In other words, photography is not as an important part and, is instead seen as an everyday recreational activity that we have the ability to do from our phones at any instant. With that said, here is more on why photography is still important today.


How We Have Shown Why Photography Is Still Important Today

In an article that illustrates how we have essentially proven why photography should still be important today, we come to the understanding of just how underappreciated this art really is. According to the article, it was as simple as utilizing tap water with photography, to show the great leaps we have made in this area. Specifically, the article discusses how developing photography with water from the contaminated water of Flint Michigan, developed flaws in the photography that would otherwise not be there if it was not for the water. Without getting too confusing, what this shows us is that we have come so far in photography as to have developed a photographic film that has the ability to show how contaminated water is. Put even simpler, because of the advancement we have made in photography, we can now detect levels of contamination in water. Overal, how amazing is that fact?

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