Who will stand up for Dreamers?

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was a program that was initiated by President Obama. The president had been consistently frustrated by the lack of interest or ambition by Congress to come up with a comprehensive policy on how to treat persons who came into the country as children. They had been in the country for as long as they could remember and had no criminal background.

DACA was not supported by an act, but was more of an executive order that would see DACA recipients enjoy the same rights as citizens by being granted special immigration status for a period of two years, but it was renewable every so often. This was unfortunately not popular with the extremist GOP members who considered DACA recipients as illegal immigrants despite them achieving a 95 percent rate of employment and college education. Some of them were even serving in the United States Military. For the GOP this was not a priority, and it came as no surprise when the Texas Attorney general went to court seeking to quash the entire DACA process. President Trump, however, took it upon himself not to renew the initiative, which meant that all those who were under the program faced an uncertain future in the only country they knew as home.

DACA has come to be one of the most significant areas under the Trump presidency as he also realized at how bad it had been legislated on. Dreamers, as the recipients are commonly referred to, are contributing significantly to the American economy, and the thought of deporting more than 800,000 people to countries they may not even have relatives’ friends or any relation too did not sit well with many Americans. However, the Republican party had used immigration as one of its strong points during the campaign period and was hell bent on implementing any and all legislation that seemed to favor this promise regardless of the human implications they had.

The Frontera fund has become one of the strongest advocates for DACA. The fund that was established by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey has very strong connections to the Hispanic community which has a significant number among the DACA recipients. The dream most of these young people have is only comparable to that held by their American compatriots. They are believers in the American dream, and most are law-abiding citizens. The Frontera fund continues its commitment towards these dreamers as they understand what it entails to be treated unfairly. The founders of the fund were themselves victims of abuse of power, and in fact, the money used to start the fund was a settlement awarded to them for the violation of their first amendment rights.

The Frontera fund continues to advocate for a permanent solution to the issue of dreamers which can be easily achieved through Congress. They, however, are ready to do whatever it takes legally to ensure that before the required legislation is passed the dreamers stay in America. Even though the program is no longer admitting new members those already in the system can apply for renewal.


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