Who is Michael J. Burwell?

Michael J. Burwell is the new incoming C.F.O. of the company Willis Towers Watson, who replaces Roger Millay at the position. Millay retires on October 2nd, 2017. In examining the fit concerning Michael Burwell in relation to the Willis Towers Watson company it seems as though the company is excited and rather happy to have him as a part of the team. Burwell has 31 years of finance and professional service experience which he gained at PwC or Pricewaterhousecoopers, a tax audit consulting financial firm. At PwC he held positions ranging from head of global transformation and transaction services to C.E.O. and C.F.O. of the U.S. branches, giving him much experience managing at the senior leadership level.

In addition to this Burwell has 11 years of audit experience, and 12 years of transaction services advisory experience which covers pre-merger valuation. In looking at his impact on Willis Towers Watson, we can look at the words of John Haley the C.E.O. of Willis Towers Watson who commented on Burwell’s hire, saying that he personally, as well as those around him are excited to have Michael Burwell on the team, as he is a vital part in the company’s evolution. Furthermore, in addition to this, Haley commented on Michael Burwell’s knowledgeability in subjects ranging from managing and leading to driving results in a global company. His ultimate judgement was that he was confident that Burwell’s specialization in transactions, finance and transformation would aid the company well in guiding Willis Towers Watson towards its long-term growth and further development and integration efforts.

In looking at Willis Towers Watson independently from Michael J. Burwell, we can see that it is a leading global advisory, solutions, and broking company which helps clients worldwide in safely investing their money for non-risky, steady growth. Willis Towers Watson was started in 1828, and today has 40,000 employees which cover an over 140 countries in the company’s service. The company prides itself on its mission which generally seems to be to expand the power of capital to strengthen institutions and individuals through managing risks, optimizing benefits, and cultivating talent. Visit This Page for additional information.

Ultimately Burwell is coming into a culture which is very accepting of his expertise. He is a CPA and has earned his B.A. in Business Administration from Michigan State University. The company Willis Towers Watson is not a completely new page for Burwell in transitioning from his previous company PwC, but it offers more horizon for growth, as he is now the C.F.O., and due to this can make vital decisions in the growth and integration of the company on a global stage.

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