What Nick Vertucci Teaches People About Making Money In Real Estate

A lot of people want to make money buying and selling real estate but they don’t know the right way to go about doing so. Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur who found a successful strategy to doing this and after becoming a multi-millionaire he decided to show others his methods. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, based in Santa Ana, California, offers a free course in making money in real estate that is held in cities across America. The tagline of his business is “Get In. Get Out. Get Paid.”.

The primary method that Nick Vertucci followed to make his money is colloquially known as “house flipping”. He bought homes, often those that had been foreclosed on and so could be had at below market rates. The then made improvements to the home such as fixing up the kitchen and/or bathroom. After this was completed he put the home back up for sale and made a substantial profit.

Beyond teaching others how to successfully flip houses, Nick Vertucci and his team also teach other ways to make money in real estate. They also show people how they can make money doing wholesaling and flipping contracts, for example. There is also money to be made in commercial properties such as office buildings that they teach. Some people want to learn how to buy a property and then hold it for the long term as a rental property which Nick Vertucci and his team teach as well.

At these courses students are also taught how to come up with the money to get started in real estate. One method they teach is tapping on the value of your 401k in order to pay the cots of buying a home. Additionally, Vertucci has built a network of investors and private lenders that will provide money for students to buy properties.

The courses of this company offers are taught over the course of four days in each city. They are held on a regular basis and in just February 2018 alone will be held in Chicago, Norfolk, Sacramento, Portland, and Miami.

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