Use common sense when engaging in drone photography

Drones are seen as new technology, although the civilian versions are simply newer versions or radio controlled flying devices. While helicopter and plane hobbyists have existed, drone enthusiasts have found a new way to do an old sport. Many people use drones for aerial photography shots. While aerial photography using drones brings up privacy issues, drones are a good way to safely get shots a person may not be able to get in any other way. One innovative use of the technology involves flying sides inside glacial caverns. One pair of Alaskan photographers has produced stunning visual images of the inside of glacial caves using this technique.


The standard photographer does not does not normally go into glacial caverns, even if he lives in an area where they are more easily accessible. These caverns routinely melt or collapse. Even the larger caverns are far from stable. An explorer may go into one of these caverns and find himself trapped a few minutes later. Using drones to take these pictures takes the human risk out of the equation.


Newly minted aerial drone photographers should read up on federal, state and local laws. They should also use common sense before heading out. Fly these in safe areas and do not fly them over the houses of neighbors who are likely to disapprove of their presence. Pilots should also take time to learn the controls and how to fly the craft properly. Newer drone models do have crash-avoidance features, but these features are no substitute for a good pilot. Be sure to know how far the drone can fly on a single charge or a full tank of fuel. Commercial and private airliner pilots know why it is important to keep track of this information.


If a drone pilot has the money, he should consider getting a gimbal camera. These cameras can swivel to a different position and are excellent for aerial photography. Military aircraft mount similar cameras on their wings. Video cameras work better than still shot cameras for this hobby.


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