Upcoming Photography Trends in 2018

The photography industry still has remarkable progress as each year there are new forthcoming trends. The future of photography is promising as the development is incredible. According to the BBC analysis, digital photography is booming with an estimation of 3.8% with its value growing to $100billion in the year 2018. The use of technologies has made the commercial photography to thrive massively.




Comeback of Film Camera




The film camera is back on the market again. Its analogue model focuses on cams and instant photos. The proprietor of Japan Camera Hunter, site photographer Bellamy Hunt, is evolving a new 35mm camera that might be launched later in the year 2018. The Super 8mm movie company from the Kodak brand, will finally be in the market. The comeback for film cameras is showing remarkable progress, as another firm named Reflex, during the Kickstarter campaign, it will be preparing to introduce a 35mm SLR. The film industry is now on the move for an impressive comeback in 2018.




Use of Bluetooth for Social Post




Transferring images from a DSLR to the social media has been somehow cumbersome. Instagram, for instance, has the most incredible platform for photography, the innovations will enable the automatic installation of photos from the camera to the phone without having to use any app or pulling out the phone. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is the new wireless innovation that automatically pairs the camera to the phone to enhance transfer of images. Nikon took the first lead as they embraced the BLE technology, using the term SnapBridge. Other firms are now following the trend in 2018 like the Fujifilm.




Blockchain Photography




Image theft has been rapid as photographers complain each year of image theft. While it seems laborious to end image theft, a technology known as the blockchain has been innovated to help eradicate image theft.




Blockchain which is established of bitcoin currencies, which is difficult to fake, is a digital record which cannot be tampered. Binded and ImageRights are beginning to use Blockchain to prosecute stealing of images. In the year 2018 many organisations are likely to start using the technology. Blockchain will enable copyright registration of images.

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