Tips on How You Can Seamlessly Share Photos Taken on Your Smartphone this Holiday Season

With the holiday season being right around the corner, the chances are that you will be looking to take more photographs with family and friends. Thanks to advancements made in the last decade or so, competent, easy-to-use cameras are now found on every smartphone. However, photography during the holiday season does not just end at capturing memories; it also involves sharing these memories. Unfortunately, this is the area where smartphones come short. Sharing large numbers of digital images with family and friends is often a lot more tedious than taking the photographs. Fortunately, there are some tricks one could use to navigate through the complex smartphone operating systems to share images quickly and with a lot of ease.
Often, people in most gatherings typically have smartphones with different operating systems. More often than not, some family members or friends use Android-based phones while others use iPhones. In such situations, the most convenient way to share photos is to use a storage service that is supported by both platforms. Arguably the best application of this nature is Google Photos. The service works on both Android and iOS and is also quite affordable with 15 GB of cloud storage space for images being available for free.
Fortunately, it is a lot easier to share images among smartphones operating on the same operating system. This is especially easy where iPhones since photos can be shared with similar devices and platforms almost instantaneously. This feature is available on all Apple devices because they have a sharing tool referred to as AirDrop that allows for the sharing of various media using wireless connections. The Airdrop feature is unfortunately difficult to spot on iPhones as one has swipe on the screen upwards from the bottom, before long-pressing on the upper left corner, which reveals a menu that contains among other things the AirDrop feature.
It is also possible to share pictures on a big screen on either Apple or Android phones. For iPhones, this feature is easily facilitated using Apple, which can currently be purchased for $149. On the other hand, those with Android devices can do the same using a Chromecast dongle which currently goes for $35.

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