Tips on Getting Your Pet’s Best Photo

Photography is much easier when it comes to people. Tell your friends to pose for a photo, and it’s as easy as pie. However, getting pets ready for a photo shoot is another whole different task. A study conducted showed that pet owners post about their pets up to six times in a week. Perhaps, it’s getting your cat to work the angles or the puppy to pout perfectly that’s so gratifying. While preparing your pet may be difficult, we have compiled a few tips to help you to prepare the pet for an eye-catching photo.

Identify the Right Location

Undoubtedly, you will get the best out of a dog when it’s in its natural habitat. If you intend to take a portrait, ensure the location is in a section that brings no distractions to the animal. In some instances, snapping at the comfort of your house brings out authenticity. Additionally, it brings out the relationship between you and the pet.

Prevent Blur

The best way to avoid blur is by using shutter speeds above 1/250th of a second. Additionally, find or use external sources to create more light. You can do the photo shoot during the day. Always make sure your position is such that it prevents backlight. It’s always best to schedule a photo shoot when the animals’ energy levels are low as it prevents Fidgeting which can ruin the photo.

Adjust Your Lens

Use a Macro Lens as it unearths almost all details in their eyes and hair. When using a DSLR, use a shallow depth of field. On the other hand, a telephoto lens will allow you to take a wide and clearer shot.

Invest in a Stabilizer

Shaky hands bring a camcorder effect that ends up ruining the photo. It’s not always necessary to invest in a tripod. A stabilizer works perfectly. Additionally, consider the best effects that fit the subject. Slow motion effect is suitable for extreme action. Choose one that suits the moment.


Among the pictures, delete some and edit some to come up with the best one. Eventually, having a good shot always comes down to the right shutter speeds, exposure, and aperture.

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