Dr. Mark McKenna is a reputable doctor who is specialized in surgery and medicine. He is a doctor who is dedicated to serving the community in order to improve the medical care. His skills and growth are attributed to his knowledge, skills as well as a conducive environment. Having a father who was a doctor, he gained skilled through the chance to practice with him. He did various investments which opened the channel for him to broaden other interests in investment.

The motive changed and Dr. Mark McKenna remained to focus on medicine in most cases after the environmental destructions by a hurricane. He relocated to a place where he continued with the medical practice. He managed to do most of his practice on aesthetic. Therefore, he acquired more medical skills which paved the way for him to serve the community better.

Moreover, he succeeded to start his own medical company as a channel to serve the people. The idea came from visualizing the gap to fill and outlining the goals he expects to achieve. As a result, OVME Company came to birth. The company aims to provide efficient medical services which are in line with the modern technology.

Dr. Mark McKenna purposed to use this venture to reach more people and ensure they get adequate services as a healthy people bring out a growing society. Therefore, he has created a large company which is built in a modern way. It has private treatment rooms which are luxurious. It provides good privacy as there are offices which allow doctors to consult on a private way together with individual patients. These facilities facilitate better treatment environment.

In addition, Dr. Mark McKenna has equipped the venture with modern technological equipment. The machines available are used to give medical care using methods that would ensure there are little or no risks created. For this reason, people have faith in the services provided as they come out well attended and with nothing to worry about afterwards. The opening of the company has created a channel for Dr Mark to reach out to many people and make use of his desire to serve the people.

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