The success of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin serves as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. The company is leading in the meat and food industry in production and procession of quality meat and foods. Besides, Mr. Lavin is the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. The leadership and contribution of the Sheldon Lavin have enabled the OSI Group to grow significantly to a global level where its popularity is high. It is evident that the success and achievements of OSI are as a result of Sheldon Lavin efforts towards the company.

Mr. Lavin is well conversant with accounting and finance since that is the area of his expertise that has led him to the success. Most of the workplaces that Sheldon Lavin has served comprise The Sheba Foundation as well as Northeast Bank serving as the director. Though there are so many other prominent organizations that he has served and the legacy that he has left behind is recommendable.

Moreover, since he joined the OSI Group, the company has been performing well in the industry. The fact is that there are numerous of awards that the company has received since Sheldon Lavin became the Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group. Also, Mr. Lavin has received The Global Visionary Award from India since the efforts, and great work that was done by him was recognized. The award was due to the creation of thousands of jobs to people and making the OSI Group lead in the global market. The company has as well acquired some other companies through expansion of its services to customers globally such as Baho Foods, Flagship Europe. Through the acquisition, the OSI Group has gained the largest market share in the meat and food processing industry.

Furthermore, Lavin is a philanthropist that makes a lot of contributions to charity organizations. There are so many organizations that he participates in providing charities such as the Jewish United Fund, United Negra College Fund and Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and many others.

Conversely, Sheldon Lavin serves on the board of trustees in the Ronald McDonald House Charities where he is the Chairman and CEO. Mr. Lavin likes it most when he sees others prospering in life and through that passion he helps whoever seeks assistance from him. He has enabled a lot of people to realize and achieve their dreams in life by mentoring them and following their progress. Sheldon Lavin is a role model for many entrepreneurs out there that want to be successful in life.

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