The Strength of Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a staple in one of the biggest business ventures that Jay-Z has created. Desiree Perez is the person that is holding things down for Roc Nation entertainment, and onlookers are highly impressed with her skills.

When it comes to proving herself there is a great amount of interest in what she is doing when it comes to negotiating contracts. Everyone that takes a look at what Desiree Perez has done so far cannot deny that she has really put her stamp on some big-name contracts. There is a great amount of respect for someone that knows how to negotiate contracts for superstars like Rihanna. This is not a small thing. Desiree Perez is a champion among many when it comes to going down to the wire and negotiating a good deal. This is what she does best, and people cannot overlook her value for Roc Nation.

It is true that Jay Z is the multi-millionaire mogul that has carried the Roc Nation label to much greater depths from the time that he created it with Damon Dash. It appears, however, that Jay-Z has extended himself in so many areas that he cannot simply hold down all aspects of all business ventures that he has his hands into.

This is where someone like Desiree Perez comes in place. She is a great leader that is definitely been doing her job with taking Roc Nation entertainment and the roster that is growing to a whole new level. No one may have expected this company to do so well without a consistent presence from Jay-Z, but Desiree Perez represents a lot of the same things that Jay-Z has spoken on over the years. She is the tough negotiator that knows how to make the deals that give artists more leverage.

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