The Spotlight on Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a makeup company that is notorious for the unique and bold colors represented by their different cosmetic lines. This company has been in the spotlight even before its inception by founder Doe Deere. Lime Crime represents and exudes self worth and self expression through the various types of cosmetics. It gives individuals a chance to feel free, to be original and unique without fear of rejection.

Lime Crime provides a product for every type of makeup connoisseur, whether it be eyeshadow, lipstick or nail polish. The colors are inviting, sassy and bold, while at the same time being certified as free from cruelty to animals. They represent what is trending, in terms of glitter, bold colors and what the consumers want.

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime provides tutorials on many different aspects of their products. This includes introducing new products and colors, and how to wear them. Those that are just discovering Lime Crime, are not left in the dark when it comes to putting together the perfect match. Everything from lipstick to hair dye is covered, keeping Lime Crime in the spotlight of the latest trends.

The products available at Lime Crime are flawless and magical, with the ability to be interchangeable. The team of makeup lovers that represent Lime Crime provides their audience with ways to mix and match colors and products to create new looks. Unicorns and mermaids are the mystical creatures that Lime Crime centers their products around in addition to their inspirational role models. These role models can be fans or stars, which are featured in some of their publications throughout the week. Each day Lime Crime gives tribute to someone that has inspired the company in many different ways.

Lime Crime has attracted fans worldwide and has been an influence to many girls and boys wanting to express themselves. This company does not discriminate against who the products are designed for. The purpose of Lime Crime is to encourage individuals to break out of their shells, through the use of cosmetics. Fans are referred to as unicorns, as the founder refers herself as being the queen of unicorns.

On the lines of being PETA friendly and against cruelty to animals, Lime Crime has donated to many charities. Charities that believes in protecting animal rights. Lime Crime shows its involvement by producing cosmetics that are free from animal additives in the ingredients and being against animal testing of their products.

Self expression is the main focus of this cosmetic company, which is the reason many fans are drawn to the products. The makeup is designed to motivate fans to be creative and original. This is one reason why they are developing new shades and styles, while encouraging fans to mix, match and share their creative mixtures of the various products. Whether a fan favors the shades of blue, brown, pink or green, at Lime Crime they will find something that allows their personality to shine.

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    The organization likewise is included with ladies and youngsters rights, by adding to foundations that energize and help with seeking after dreams. Lime Crime is one of a kind in each feeling of the word. It is also a itemized way for to carry out most of these things which might enable them to carry out everything for a long time.