The Prominence of Ricardo Tosto in Brazil’s Legal Arena

Becoming a lawyer is the dream of many schools going kids in Brazil. The profession remains prestigious seconded only by engineering and medical practice. Besides, lawyers are viewed as opinion shapers in the society. Today, there are more than 620,000legal practitioners in the country, and thousands graduate every year from Law school. Despite the large number, the demand for legal representation remains high in the country due to its young federal constitution and learn more about Ricardo.


Education System

All prospective lawyers in Brazil first attend five years in Law school. After the five years, they are required to undertake the Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil. It is a mandatory bar examination. It is only after passing the exam that one is allowed to join the profession and more information click here.

In spite of the thorough training, businesses and individuals still find it difficult to locate the best legal representation. Experience, specialization and track record are some of the distinguishing factors. One of the prominent lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.


Ricardo Tosto Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto has been in the legal industry for nearly two decades. His law firm, Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates is one of the most prominent firms in the country. He specializes in litigation cases and other financial, legal issues such as recovery of debts, drafting banking agreements and bankruptcy. He also has an experience in criminal and environmental laws.


Track Record

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has successfully represented numerous national and multinational corporations. Today, his customer base comprises of prominent personalities in Brazil including politicians and leading businesspeople. Some of the factors that make him stand out are his respect for clients, professionalism, and integrity. In 2013, International Law Office, ILO, awarded the firm ILO Client Choice award. The award was in recognition of the firm’s ability and dedication towards the success of its clients and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.


Best choice

Among the numerous lawyers operating in Sao Paulo, Ricardo Tosto is ranked among the best and the most preferred choice. His experience plays a vital role in navigating the complex legal system resulting from the new constitution. Moreover, Ricardo Tosto’s law firm provides pro bono often to people with various disabilities and resume him.

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