The Pride in Generosity: The Eight Gifts of Adam Milstein

All people have gifts to share with the world. Some will be able to gift their creativity, some will be able to gift their labor, others will be able to give their kindness and compassion. We decide whether or not we will give our gifts to our family, our communities, or to the world at large. We give because we want to make a difference, we give because we want recognition, and we give because in giving, we ourselves are given a sense of purpose.

Adam Milstein is an individual who believes highly in the power of giving. When he is not overseeing numerous real estate holdings as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, he is overseeing his organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Adam Milstein has a primary concern for his home state of Israel. In the past, he served in the Israel Defense Force during the Yom Kippur War, and today he engages his foundation in numerous pro-Israel causes including the Israeli-American Council, Israel on Campus Coalition, and the American Jewish Community just to name a few.

Recently, Adam Milstein has written an article on the Times of Israel titled “Pride and Courage: Gifts for our children in 2018”. In the article he recalls the story of the Macabees, an ancient tribe of Israel and how they used courage, cunning and perseverance to defeat the much more powerful Greeks to secure their homeland in the second century BC. He uses this story to help him outline the eight gifts that he believes will instill positive virtues in his people, the Jewish people.

The first gift is Pride. The second gift is Courage. The third Persistence, the fourth is Knowledge, the fifth is Innovation, and Belief in the Impossible, Brotherhood and Passion round out the last three. Adam Milstein is certain that these eight gifts should be given to each young Jewish child to ensure their success in any future endeavors both personally and collectively.

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