The Power of Photography To Make Us Feel Human and Alive

Every day is a day of celebration, and the stories we read online don’t cease in inspiring us to be our best. One of the ways that we get inspired is by looking at fascinating, inspiring and often lachrymose beautiful photography online. In a recent feature in Digg, this is exactly what we get. Digg featured a weekly review of the best photography that has been taken all over the world, and the results are, for the lack of a better term, transcendental.

The Disappearing Jobs

One of the photos that stood out in the feature is done by the Agence France-Presse, and it’s a feature of people who are still working on jobs that are slowly disappearing. We see a photo of a lamplighter, which is a rare job already that goes along with other disappearing work, such as rickshaw puller and an elevator attendant. Another photo there is an excerpt of a photo collection from an artist, and it’s a photo of Bangkok awash in artificial neon light of pink, purple and blue lights. You can see more of the collection at an article from the Colossal magazine.

There’s also a wonderful photo there of the life in Russian culture in the 90s. The 90s is an era of transition from a Soviet state to an order of global capitalism. There’s a lot of cultural growth, transition, and movement in those years that have given momentum to the explosion of art and political disorder in Russia right now. The photo and imagery in the feature captures all of that in an amazing and powerful light.

Another photo in the review is a surreal image of a sub-urban mother who documented his life and the ins and outs of her marriage. This is part of the collection that she wants to put in her new book, Dream Away.

Photography’s Power

The collection featured in Digg is indeed a powerful symbol of how photography can move us. They say that pictures capture more than words, and the Digg feature is indeed a fitting and robust example for such quote.

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