The Photography Innovation That Makes Cameras Nearly Invisible

As if the new powerful smartphones are not enough, we also have newer and better camera technology that just puts the craft of photography way higher than we thought was already at its limit. The new nanotechnology right now can make more from just less, and this applies to the tiny cameras that are now powerfully integrated into our phones. In fact, one of the most recent photography innovation you can read about lately that comes from Techcrunch states that cameras can now be so minute and yet still powerful enough to take quality photos.

The Near Invisible Camera

In a journal feature from IEEE Electron Device Letters, we learned that there’s now a way to address the problems of having too much mass for the small cameras that we’re aiming for. Because of innovation from the University of Michigan, which includes Euisik Yoon and Sung Yun Park, there is now a way to circumvent the light that passes through the camera to reduce its mass size without depriving light. The breakthrough is now what is called the simultaneous energy harvesting mixed with imaging”. We can’t make this up. It’s really what it is, and it’s going to shape the future of nanotechnology and camera imaging in ways that had never been tried before. With a few tweaks to the sensor and the way power is consumed, there is now a way that images can be recorded with higher frame rates, even at lower lighting levels.

With such innovation, it would almost appear that the sensor would be near-impossible in appearance, and would operate without no need for a battery, and not even a wireless power. As a result, many could see this camera as a fantastic alternative for CCTV surveillance cameras or a spy camera that before costs so much. There may be many smartphone companies that are now after this technology, but there are still challenges to be faced, including the research, time and effort needed to find a mass-scale system to put this innovation into production.

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