The Growth of Photo Storage and Smart Phone Photography

Photography is changing as technology advances. While big cameras that have a tremendous amount of megapixels are still used by professionals it is obvious that phone technology is starting to catch up. With the iPhone 10 there has been so much talk about the quality of the photos that can be taken with these phone cameras. This is a game changer that is making the smartphone camera much more than a camera for selfies.


The appeal of these types of cameras is great because there is a shift in the way that people are taking pictures these days. Most people are not as interested in pictures from professionals because people are not putting pictures in scrapbooks anymore. The traditional photo album is a thing of the past and most circles.


The phone is what everyone is using to store their photos. This means that there is going to be a lot less formal photos and a whole lot more of the photos that are taken with cameras that are on phones.


This is not a recent trend, but it has become a much bigger trend because the technology for the phones is better. Even the act of storing your photos is easier because of apps like Google Drive and Google Photos. You can store a countless number of photos through Google Photos and access these things at any time. There is even a face recognition feature that allows you to group your photos based on who is in the picture.


It appears that technology is the driving force behind photography. It is difficult to engage in any type of pictures that don’t have selfies when you look at photos online. People that have Instagram accounts are not as interested in having someone else hold their phone or camera while they take a picture. Things like the selfie stick and front facing cameras have made it possible for people to take their own photos with smartphones.

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