The growth of a racing legend Michel Terpin.

The Sertoes rally is part of the very competitive rally cycle of the Brazilian rally competitions. One of the most visible teams is the Bull Sertões Rally Team, it is headed by Michel Terpin one of the most renowned drivers in Brazil with various career records under his belt. He was also the former Cross country champion as well as chairperson. He helped grow the competition to what it is today a sport that keeps attracting new talent by the day.

He is a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team a team that is known within rallying circles for its unique abilities especially when it comes to the T1 Prototype category. They have been on together with there developer MEM and have formed a very formidable team in the championship. This team has the advantage of experienced drivers in the name of Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins who are brothers. They have both over the years and different editions got new navigators as the need for the team to grow increases. During the 25th edition, Michel had his trust put on new navigator Maykel Justo. Maykel had already proved to be a very reliable and capable navigator in the previous series of the com[petition. By bringing him onboard Michel was ensuring that the Bull Sertões Rally Team would not compromise on the racing capability it had built when the brothers drove together.

The edition was especially competitive as it saw new entrants as well as a route that took them through three states. During the race, the competitors were expected to pass through special terrain that covered at least two thousand kilometers. Despite this, the team of Michel terpins and Maykel Justo was still able to achieve position five overall having taken position one in the first stage of the event. The final stage of the edition would see them encounter mechanical problems that saw them slow down and it led to the overall slower completion time. They would later find out that they had a gearbox fault which had resulted in the delay. Despite the challenges faced then they still participated in the 26th edition.

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