Talkspace Is Changing The Way We View Therapy

For a variety of reasons, those who frequently visit a therapist have faced a stigma by the rest of society. People frequently view them as having a mental illness or unstable when in fact frequent therapy sessions have been show time and time again to help with a variety of issues ranging from light stress to true mental illnesses. The traditional way to run a therapy session is to contact a therapist, schedule an appointment, and then show up at their office during the appointment time. But now, thanks to the new app Talkspace, this format is quickly changing. One of the emerging and popular forms of therapy used by Talkspace users is the use of picture messaging. Picture messaging allows the patient to express their feelings to the therapist through photos or even sometimes memes which are popular on social media and often used to convey emotion. Talkspace therapist offer advice on a variety of topics which include how to deal with those in your life who are difficult or cause you stress. Their advice includes but is not limited to deflect the conversation away from yourself and also to utilize empathy skills by trying to understand why this person may be acting this way.

Talkspace was initially designed as a way to bring classic forms of therapy into the 21st century. The most common form of communication between therapist and patient is via text. This allows the patient to feel more secure and share honest feelings that they may be hesitant to share in person.

Talkspace learns some general information about you through a series of messages back and forth and then pairs you with a therapist that would be most suited to help with your specific issues. The large network of therapists allows each individual to be paired with an expert as opposed to going to your local therapist who may or may not be suited to help you. Talkspace is quickly changing the way society views therapy for the better.

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