Talkspace is breaking the barriers to traditional therapy

Michael Phelps is arguably the greatest Olympic athlete in recent times so it’s no surprise that he’s endorsing a new product. What is surprising however is the nature of the product he’s backing. Rather than the latest sports drink or nutritional supplement the Olympian is endorsing an app that allows users to access professional therapy sessions from their smartphones.

The app, called Talkspace, was created in 2012 and now boasts a million users. Phelps himself is a user of Talkspace and has been candid about his struggles with depression and anxiety throughout his athletic career.

According to Michael, he found it difficult to get help when he needed it and Talkspace gave him a “feeling of empowerment” knowing that he could talk to a therapist via text message or video chat. His experience with the app was so positive that he agreed to partner with the developers to raise awareness of mental health issues.

How does it work? Like any other app Talkspace is designed to be downloaded to your smartphone. After the initial account set up the user will receive an “assessment” via chat with a “matching” therapist to help identify their particular therapy needs. The user chooses a payment plan and is matched with the best therapist for them based on their particular needs. The user then has immediate access to a therapist.

Partnering with an iconic sports hero is sure to increase awareness of the company and it’s offerings but Talkspace is going even further to expand its reach and accessibility. Recent announcements include an agreement with New Directions Behavioral Health allowing select customers access to the Talkspace platform through their Employee Assistance Program.

Another innovative outreach program extends to college campuses where services are being offered to members of Fraternal Organizations free of charge by way of a special code.

Without question Talkspace appeals to millenials and young adults who tend to be more open about mental health in general. Talkspace, and it’s innovative digital platform, is breaking down the traditional barriers of time, cost and privacy by offering quality therapeutic services right where they live. On their phones.

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