Talkspace: Innovative Care Backed by Michael Phelps

Talkspace is an innovative way for people to get the mental health counseling and services they need. It is a platform designed to work with patients and care providers alike. With a few clicks, users can get in touch with a qualified and highly experienced mental health professional. The smooth dynamics of this system help craft a new and one of a kind user experience that is incredibly flexible. Chatting and video conferencing are just some of the options that patients have within the Talkspace platform.

Talkspace is an innovator because it improves access to care. People who have busy work schedules or other obligations can easily choose services that meet their needs. Talkspace makes getting help fast and confidential. Michael Phelps has been an important partner, after having benefited from Talkspace. He opened up in an interview about his personal struggles with mental health issues. Many of these conditions were treatable and he found help with the professionals at Talkspace.

Anxiety and depression were just some of the things Michael Phelps experienced while touring. He explained how the competition made him feel overwhelmed and he found himself unable to cope. Talkspace was there for him when he needed it the most. Phelps explained his own amazing results with the platform and encourages other athletes to use it too. He was particularly impressed by the ease of use and convenience that Talkspace was able to provide. No longer did he have to worry about missing appointments at a doctors office.

There are a lot of benefits to Talkspace including growing recognition from the marketplace. Many organizations have established partnerships with Talkspace in order to make mental health services more readily available. Employees of several corporations can now get access to mental health care without having to schedule an appointment at a traditional office. The ease of use and highly skilled personnel available in the app set Talkspace apart from other methods of care and treatment. Overall Talkspace is a great tool and can help improve the lives of countless people in the United States and abroad.

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