TalkSpace Gives Hope To Those Afraid To Seek Tradition Therapy

TalkSpace is a startup company that allows people access to therapy online that is confidential and more affordable than traditional therapy. The therapists in their network are licensed and able to help their clients whenever they need it. They hope to one day be able to make a billion people lead happier, mentally healthier lives.

Their campaign with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps hopes to be able to spread awareness to people around the world that mental illness can affect anyone no matter who they are or where they are in life. While he may have won 23 Olympic Gold medals during his career, depression has still altered his life drastically. At one point, he was even suicidal and felt as if he had absolutely nobody to turn to. This is why he believes services like TalkSpace are so important and have the potential to help people around the world.

It can be difficult to reach out and ask for help, especially in person. When Michael Phelps discovered TalkSpace and realized that he could simply text or video chat a therapist when he needed help, he felt empowered. He wanted to be able to share this feeling with others and knew that he had to try to help. This is when he made the decision to team up with TalkSpace to try to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by showing that it can happen to just about anyone.

Recently, some of the licensed therapists with TalkSpace opened up about what their days are like with the company and how the job affects them on a personal level. Melissa Moreno begins her day early and spends some time for self-care such as deep breathing and mindfulness to prepare herself for a day of helping others. While she usually doesn’t retire to bed for the day until around 10 pm, she doesn’t spend this whole time on the clock and still has time for her personal life. Some of her favourite patients to help are adolescents. While some are dealing with some very traumatic experiences that would shake up most adults, they are still able to remain hopeful as they try to get help.

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