Take striking pictures by understanding color palettes

Instagram and other forms of social media makes it hard for someone’s pictures to get noticed. Almost paradoxically, it also makes it easier for some people to gain a world wide following for the pictures they take. While there is no mechanism for determining who will become a star for their photographs and who will simply have their photos enjoyed by their friends, there are some tips amateur shutterbugs can use to make their photos stand out. One good way to make photos stand out from others is to understand how to make the colors in the picture stand out.


Developing a signature color pattern is a process of trial and error. Alia Stearns, a writer for the Uproxx website recently interviewed Nathan Szwarc to ask him about his process. Szwarc’s style of nature photography involves finding contrasts that work well together. As a young mane, he grew up in the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains. The young man often went out during the summer, but he found he had a problem. The major color pallet of the mountains during this time is green. Everything was green. To distinguish his work from other photographers, he looked for a way to allow pieces of golden sunlight to come through in his pictures.


The technique works well for him, but it is not the only one he uses. If he wants to spice up a picture more than just watching for the interplay of colors, Szwarc uses two techniques. Depending on his subject, he either saturates or desaturates the color palette. This creates striking images that change the nature and the appearance of his subject.


Photography, like any other skill, takes practice. Szwarc did not start creating the beautiful images people can see on his social media accounts. Like many amateur photographers, he spent time going out and taking the images he found most interesting. Sometimes he just took pictures because he wanted to take pictures.

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