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How Peter Briger Became one of the most influential business leaders in America

Nothing about his demeanor betrays the levels of success Peter Briger has been able to achieve. Meeting with him on the streets of San Francisco, where he is based, as he continues to run the Credit division of the Fortress Investment Group one would assume he is just another ordinary employee of the organization. However, this would soon change once you get a hold of his CV. He has been able to achieve quite a lot in the thirty-three years he has worked in the financial industry.

Having Graduated from Princeton, it was only a matter of time before he got an offer. Goldman Sachs was quick to snatch him off the market as a fresh graduate, and as he worked from the junior levels within the organization, he was able to achieve a number of feats that culminated in him becoming a partner at the bank.

As a partner, Peter Briger was able to work in some committees. These committees were not only essential for his work, but also for his personal development. He was keen on the Asian market, and it was thus natural for him to work on a number of committees that specialized in this market. He first joined the Asian Management Committee. This was a committee dedicated to the management of investments made within the Asian market. Next, he went to work in the Global Control and Compliance Committee. This one was in charge of ensuring all international investments by Goldman complied with the specific rules and regulations of that market. The Japan Executive Committee would follow and would provide him with valuable knowledge on the Japanese market.

Peter Briger then moved to the Fortress investment group where he is today a member of the Board, Co-CEO, and partner. His rise in the group has seen him become a valuable voice within the group as well as making him one of the most influential business leaders in the country according to Forbes Magazine. Peter Briger despite him being the person who oversaw the group’s IPO has been very positive about the group’s acquisition by SoftBank. He remarks that the realities of a company like Fortress being a public company sunk in after they went public. He now appreciates the operations as a private company as the need to convince investors every time they are about to do something has significantly reduced resulting in a smoother decision-making process.

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