Susan McGalla – Providing Tips for Women to Achieve Their Dreams in Corporate World

Susan McGalla is known as one of the most successful women in the business community of the United States. Not only has she held the position of President at American Outfitters Inc, but she has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seals Inc. These are two of the leading consumer companies in the country, and Susan McGalla managed these businesses successfully during her term, increasing its revenue considerably. Susan McGalla is also a highly renowned motivational speaker and has spoken on the issue of women empowerment on many occasions and events, including at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and the famous Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla feels that women have a lot to contribute to the corporate sector, and even though the percentage of women in the business world has been increasing gradually, Susan says that the corporate world continues to be dominated by men. Susan MCGalla says that it is a situation that can change considerably in the future if women today play their cards well and improve their position for the future.

One of the first advices she has to give to women is that they should do well in studies and focus on building an impressive academic portfolio. Susan McGalla says that having a good academic background would almost always ensure that they are placed well in the corporate sector in the future. She also said that the women these days are not able to get into the good ranks of the corporate world due to the lack of higher education in their profile. It is mainly because most women fail to get into good universities due to lack of funds. It is for this reason Susan McGalla says that women must plan their finances well.

Susan McGalla also speaks about how the working women should conduct themselves to achieve success in their workplace. She says that the first thing women must focus on is their performance and to remain sincere at the workplace. Susan McGalla said that good performance is always recognized, and would sooner or later be rewarded without fail.

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