Susan McGalla is an Ambitious Businesswoman

Susan McGalla is someone who began her career working in marketing and managerial work for the Joseph Horne Company. That was the beginning of a long and varied career. She is someone who has worked for some companies and received experience in a variety of areas. After working for the Joseph Horne Company, she moved on to work for American Eagle Outfitters. Susan McGalla worked as a buyer of women’s clothing as she helped with that company, and she made a difference with the work that she completed. She gained new experience through working for American Eagle Outfitters.

After all of the various jobs that she has taken on, Susan McGalla is currently working as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her work for the NFL team is something that is different from what she has done before and something that allows her to stretch herself and try new things. This job is something that is helping her to make more of a name for herself and to show everyone all that she can accomplish. Susan McGalla is someone who is not afraid to try a new job and complete work that is different from what she has done before.

Susan McGalla was raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, by a football coach father. The way that she was raised has made her the person that she is now. She comes from a family of five, with two brothers. She spent time at Mount Union College, where she gained an education in business and marketing. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She currently serves on the Board of Advisors at that very same college where she received her education.

Susan McGalla is married to Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager. The two of them were recognized as a couple that makes a difference in the world by WHIRL Magazine. The good things that they do together were noticed, and they have received recognition for all that they have done. Susan McGalla and her husband make an excellent team, and together, they do much to affect the world in a positive way.

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