Susan McGalla Empowering Women in Business

Records show that businesses with gender diversity are15% more likely to beat companies. Those that are ethnically diverse are 35% more likely to outperform others because there is enough room for new ideas. However, only a small percentage of their higher positions are held by women.

Many women struggle to hold higher positions in companies, but other women like Susan McGalla are helping women become leaders. Susan believes she was raised to work comfortably with both women and men. She grew up with two brothers and a dad who was a football coach and was never pampered like a girl child, she had to work.

At American Eagle Outfitter, Susan worked her way up. When she joined, all the company’s executives were men, but before exiting, McGalla became the president. Later, she established P3 Executive Consulting Company and currently she serves at Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President.

Susan McGalla’s success is encouraging, but not all women find these opportunities quickly. The glass ceiling is a problem that women have been addressing for years. However, there are women’s networks and initiatives where women are given a platform to share ideas, make connections with women in the industry and support women leaders. Also creating sponsorship opportunities will break gender discrimination. Women get a chance to lead significant projects given by the sponsor. Executive sponsors provided would motivate women to make a change in business.

Susan McGalla is a well-known entrepreneur and executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Other than working at American Eagle Outfitters Inc., Susan served as a chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc.

Susan McGalla is a board member Of HFF Inc. and the Magee-Women’s’ Hospital Research Institute. She is an alumnus of Mount Union College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Susan is passionate about helping women venture in business and become leaders.

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