Sony offers the feature packed A9 camera, but can it compete with rivals?

Professional photographers know that investing in professional equipment can make the difference between producing a good snapshot and a professional quality image. An amateur may not be able to see the difference. Some people may believe that the Dunning-Kruger effect is in play, but even amateur photographers who overestimate their skills can benefit from a good, inexpensive DSLR camera. The Sony A9 offers the user just what he or she needs to bring her pictures up to the next level.

The camera is slightly less expensive than similar models offered by competitors like Cannon and Nikon, but it has a feature their entry DSLR models do not. It is capable of recording videos. Many entry level DSLR camera models do not allow for this functionality. The user can adjust the lens for night shots, and it comes with a built in screen viewer, which is standard for many far less expensive digital cameras. The camera’s lightweight makes it easy to carry around, according to The Indian Express.

The Sony A9 may be a worthy rival for its competitors, and it is a feature rich camera, but being a feature rich camera does not always translate to commercial success. Although Sony may be banking on PlayStation Christmas sales to boost its numbers, the company has many other divisions.

The Sony A9 may not have been on everyone’s Christmas list, but it might be something people invest in for their own reasons. Professional YouTubers know they need high quality video cameras. People taking snapshots with the camera know this as well. YouTubers also typically want the camera to support microphone plugs to improve the sound quality of their products. It will be several months before the A9 gets reviewed by one of the communities to which it will be marketed.

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