Sir Paul McCartney Shares To The World Her Late Wife’s Talent for Photography

There’s so much power we can feel from just a single photograph. Photographs capture what our memories can’t and transport us to a time that otherwise would never have come back. This is why photographs today are a precious treasure for all, and this is why many pay big money for acquisition of rare photos. In fact, in the most recent news article we can get from BBC, we know that photographs are so precious, that they could generate millions of money for any type of charity or advocacy. One of these people who have most valuable and profitable photographs today is Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles, and in the BBC article, we learned that he is going to donate to the V and A in London about 63 of his precious photographs taken by his wife who already passed away, Ms. Linda McCartney.

The Collection of Memories

These photos are not just ordinary ones that capture the passing of time. These photos contain portraits of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, as well as some personal snaps from the McCartney family. These are treasures that not many are able to replicate, and it’s such a fortunate and gracious move on the part of Sir Paul McCartney to have done the act of donation.

We should also include to say here that these photos are made extra valuable because of the fact that Ms. Linda McCartney had won the US female photographer of the year. Which is why most of the shots she took would be going to the V&A’s new Photography Centre that would soon open to the public on the 12th of October.

Talent and Eye

You can’t also just see mediocre photos from the collection of Ms. Linda. The senior curator of the V&A even claimed that Ms. Linda’s photos surely come from a set of eyes that are keen, full of talent and creative in its approach to capture important but fleeting moments.

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