Shortlist For World Press Photo Prize Announced

Each year, thousands of photographers from around the world submit their best photographs to one of the top prizes in the photographic field. This year was no different. Over 4,500 photographers submitted their work for consideration in the World Press Photo competition. The photographers sent in over 70,000 photos.

Out of all the photos sent in to the competition, only 42 photographers had work chosen for the shortlist. There will be 15 separate categories that will each have a winner, and then one photograph will be chosen as the overall winner.

The photos submitted for this year’s competition are a diverse lot. Some of the images are of stunning views of the natural world. Daniel Beltra has been nominated for his photographs that depict how quickly the jungles of Brazil are being deforested. A picture by Neil Aldridge depicts the transportation of a rhinoceros. The rhino has been given a sedative. It is blindfolded with a red blindfold in order to keep it calm for the big journey it will take from South Africa to the Okavango Delta region in the nation of Botswana.

Another outstanding nature photo by Ami Vitale depicts a group of young elephants who are in an animal rehabilitation center in Kenya. These young elephants are being helped by the staff so that one day that might go back into the wild.

Many photos were submitted dealing with the crisis regarding the Rohingya refugees. These refugees fled their homes in Myanmar, and they are now living in refugee camps across the border in neighboring Bangladesh.

Another important news topic that received much photographic attention was the conflict between the ISIS forces in Iraq and the coalition forces attempting to drive them out of cities such as Mosul.

The winners of the competition will be announced in April at the awards location in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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