What would come to your mind when you hear of Shervin Pishevar? Well, Pishevar is an American businessman and the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Sherman Capital. In a 50 message in his 21-hour tweet storm, the businessman of many words went down and captured the attention of the United States. Shervin Pishevar has created raised eyebrows in the West and all around the globe. Pishevar’s tweet has been controversial on what he referred to as the prediction of the USA economy and technology sector.

In his tweet, Shervin Pishevar argued that the economy of the United States would deteriorate in the coming months. Shervin gave a stern warning to the United States of America over ignoring the big five companies and buying out the smaller competitors. The smaller firms would easily contribute to the failure of the economic system in Washington. He, however, expressed his concerns about a possible downfall of the big five companies. Shervin Pishevar confidently argued that Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet are the economic backbone of the USA. Consequently, their downfall would have a significant impact the US economy.

The outspoken businessman shocked many with his 21-hour tweet storm after going silent since last year December over rape allegations. He, however, referred to this as a comeback .Shervin Pishevar in his tweets continuously criticized the US economy. However, the businessman went ahead to give hope for the economy. He stated that if small companies find a bumper capital, they will rise rapidly for the betterment of the economy. The renowned Uber-investor would repeatedly go ahead and say that new ways of generating capital and the use of digital currencies would enable entrepreneurs to increase their company’s worth. Generally the 21-hour tweet reveals how much the American economy is under crisis and the instability at Wall Street.

As a globalist Shervin Pishevar is always known as a perfect predictor of economic occurrences. The 21-hour tweet storm gives hope for the economic future of Uncle Sam. The world will be looking forward on his tweets. Pishevar made a similar prediction in 2008 regarding the tech giant Facebook.

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