Sheldon Lavin: The Great Personality Behind OSI Group’s Success

Although a company’s success isn’t attributable to one person, the efforts and notable difference of such a person aren’t negligible. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and chairman of OSI group of companies. It is one of the largest food suppliers in the global market. It was founded in 1909 and has been in existence for the past century. It began as a pure butchery and has expanded today to possess over sixty-five locations as well as subsidiaries and partners all over the globe. The firm has recently taken up significant acquisitions as it continues its expansion into new territories. He has been the CEO of the group for more than four decades bringing in his industry experience. His prior position was as an executive banker. Since his entry, he has managed to expand the company’s global operations significantly. Currently, he has full voting rights after one of the original shareholders sold off his entire shares.


The growth pattern of OSI group was gradual and phenomenal. From what we can call a small and insignificant partnership in the postwar economic times between the companies, it became the sole supplier of fresh ground beef to McDonald’s. Over the years and as McDonald’s grew, the firm became the only supplier of the restaurant’s fresh supplies setting up a great business foundation in the industry. This partnership spurred the firm’s growth in the developing technological times and got a further boost with a shift in management. Sheldon Lavin taking over as the CEO during a time when their business partner was expanding operation globally as well as getting recognized as a global brand was crucial for the firm. Such a robust transformation increased the earnings of the firm and made it one of the biggest companies in the United States.

Major Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Sheldon Lavin’s global expansion strategies led him to form joint ventures and acquire more companies to increase the company’s reach to other markets. The stretching out initiative has led the firm to establish a significant presence in Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Poland and the Pacific Rim. The Company, led by Sheldon Lavin has increased its presence in Europe and North America. In the Asia Pacific, the firm jointly acquired K&K Foods and GenOSI. By this time, he had already acquired full control of the company. In the beginning on the 2000’s, OSI group already had an entire global network managed by its head office in its original location, Metropolis. The main management principle instituted by the CEO is the implementation of local supervisory teams that have an excellent comprehension of market. Europe has been the primary focus in the last five years in OSI’s group expansion policies.

Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropic member of the society and has taken part in very many charities including Ronal McDonald’s House Charities among many. OSI group, via his leadership, has acquired crucial global recognition via receipt of various awards like the Globe of Honor offered by the British Safety Council. Sheldon’s amazing administrative qualities have driven OSI group to worldwide success and profitable growth.

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