Shake to Chat with Skout-the “Wink Bomb” for iOS

While it’s true that Skout does have a “Shake to Chat” feature that connects one to an anonymous user whose identity is revealed after 40 seconds, it is also the home of cool features like the “Wink Bomb,” an intense delivery of a huge set of winks delivered all at once. New to many who haven’t downloaded the iOS mobile social app yet, Skout has been around since 2007. Skout is just begging a substantial promotional splash about their number one status as social app on mobile service. The app awards a point system with a few alternatives on how to accrue said points, but points are not required to operate the social network.

Skout is gaining popularity in the market and offers users a way to meet new people at any location, including in your local area. Skout asks if you are interested in meeting men or women and gives you a brief area in which to fill out your basic information. Users upload their favorite photo of themselves for the profile, which is what shows when you are active on the site. From there it’s about meeting people, posting to conversations, and following up with a lot of great photos. There’s even a method to make your photo a private backstage pass access to charge others points in order to view your photo. But there are a number of ways to pick up points on the network.

Members gain points either by purchasing them, interacting with other users or advertisers, and for frequent posts. Users will find Skout intuitive due to its fluid code and ease of interface. One of the favorite features that require the use of points is the “Look at me” bidding game where you tap the photo of someone on the grid of profile pictures that appear when members are online, and the winner receives points that can gain the member the most visibility spot possible. Users can also set the photo grid of online users to show their favorites’, friends, local people, or their social feed. Skout is featured in Adweek, where readers can read about more of the leading social introductory connector.