See Where Incalculable Business Experience Has Taken Michael Burwell


There is a time when a large company gets some leadership positions to fill. The impact an unfilled position would have on the company’s growth is negative. Willis Towers Watson is among the recent largest companies that have been filling in some of their leadership positions. Such companies don’t just bring in someone before they consider their qualifications among other requirements. Experience is among the top considerations Willis Towers gave much attention to when hiring Michael Burwell to join the team. Immense experience made Burwell offer unique contributions at Willis Towers as the new CEO.


Without experience, it’s hard for you to stand out as an executive leader. Most of the best-performing CEOs today are those with immense experience in what they do. Burwell has spent 30 years in the accounting and finance industry. He was in Michigan State University for his Business Administration studies and graduated in 1986. He then joined the Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he started to display his unique entrepreneurial skills. Burwell worked hard at the audit department and brought some changes the company hadn’t experienced before.


It is one thing to know about the business, and it is another thing to know how business is done. Having worked in various large companies, Michael Burwell has known how new business strategies are translated into something beneficial. He just needs to look at the financial statements of a company to know what needs to be done to translate those strategies into earnings. Most large companies bump up their bottom lines through innovative and new ways of doing things.


Burwell later joined the business transaction services after his audit stint. He understood many companies had a business cycle they had to complete. Without the skills on how they could go through large transactions and transitions, the companies would struggle with sales, acquisitions, and mergers. For this reason, Michael Burwell worked with valuations and due-diligence of companies to help them integrate after completing their mergers. No business leader would have overlooked his exceptional business leadership qualities. As a company leader, Michael Burwell believes in engaging the team in a spirited debate. He always allows the employees to make the bigger decisions on the company’s operations and management.


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