Securus and Its Methods for Crime Prevention

A Look Into Securus Technologies


Crime prevention is one of the biggest issues facing the average person in today’s world, as well as any company, big or small. Securus Technologies has found ways to tackle this ever-present problem.


Securus, a company that specializes in developing technological solutions for civil and criminal justice as well as public safety, corrections and investigations, has come forward with some comments on how to use technology to solve and prevent crimes. Crimes between inmates were mentioned specifically in the comments.


Richard A. Smith, the chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, stated that the company develops a new product or service to help with law enforcement and correctional officers once a week, every week. He added that he personally receives a lot of mail regarding the technology that is built and how it is able to keep society safe, ranging from regular civilians to inmates, their families and even those on parole.


Public opinion regarding Securus has been met with generally positive reviews and praises. A comment of note regarding security discussed monitoring calls between inmates and any alcohol and drug use that may have been taking place inside the facility. The use of the company’s technology has helped crack down on these issues and curb the flow of such problems.


Securus Technologies is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has served more than 3,400 different public safety, law enforcement and correctional groups across North America. Safety services that are provided by the company include incident management, providing emergency responses to dire situations, investigations, biometric analysis and information management.


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