Sahm Adrangi: The Outstanding Hedge Fund Manager

Sahm Adrangi is an iconic name that refers to one of the successful fund managers across the globe. At just the age of thirty three, he had proved that he has all it takes to excel in the world of Hedge fund management. He is an investor who has been keen in learning the hacks to excel in the risky fund management. He is an inspiration to young investors who are seeking experience in the financial world and mainly in the risky short-term monetary market investments.

Sahm Adrangi who once yearned to become a journalist in his times, he has been on the forefront in taking the hedge fund management to higher levels globally. He has made hundreds of millions in his investments in the hedge fund market. He was unable to traverse in the journalist world due to issues that restricted his smooth travels. His passion to excel was not limited and his lack of the opportunity in media became the stepping stone and the first step in the world of financial success.

Sahm Adrangi has great educational background that has contributed to his excellence in the hedge fund management. He acquired his hedge fund management education from the University of Yale while he was working as the official investment officer in the organization referred to as the Kerrisdale Capital. This institution has continued to thrive at the leadership and expertise of Sahm Adrangi. It is currently worth more than three hundred and fifty million dollars. Kerrisdale Capital has continued to shake the market since it was started in the year of 2009.

The company is relatively a new one in the market but however it has terrified great players in the hedge fund market by the risky yet rewarding investments it has continued to conduct under the guidance of Mr. Adrangi. Most of its investments have been successful and thus pulling the institution to the top of other investment institutions. The institution has earned trust from the investors due to the resilience and the excellence of the chief investment officer Sahm Adrangi. The trust is notable by the investors who recently deposited their one hundred million dollars with the fund for new investments.

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