Risky Photo Trends Equates to More Social Media Followers

Photo trends have evolved greatly thanks to social media. People that really want to get a true kick out of interesting pictures online should simply sign up for an Instagram account. This is where some of the most exciting photos of celebrities and amateurs are unveiled.


Sometimes the photos that are posted online through Instagram can get a little raunchy. The interesting thing about this is that these over the top photos are typically the ones that make people interested in the account in the first place.


There was a recent Instagram account that was temporarily suspended because there was a photo below the belt area for a woman that was uncovered. The posting of this pic was supposed to be artistic in that there was a colorful rainbow spectrum and it only showed this area. The face of the woman was unveiled in this imagery that was blurred by shades of blue, green, red and yellow.


The Instagram account was suspended, and several websites acknowledged this account and covered this story. The account is active again and the picture is there for people to see, but the fact that it was initially suspended is what made people like to this photo in the first place.


These are the type of photo trans that tend to dominate the Internet. Anything that seems too risque can easily become the thing that makes people conduct a Google search for it.


Rihanna is certainly someone that has educated many of her fans on how you can get an account suspended on Instagram. The main reason that she has so many followers has to do with the nude pics that she has posted and all of the publicity that ensues after these types of pics have been reported.


In the world of photo trends in social media today it simply shows that men and women that are obsessed with building their own audience will do whatever it takes to gain followers.

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