Ricardo Tosto explains Brazilian Legal system

Lawyers play a significant role in our societies. It is considered as one of the most popular professions in the world today. Lawyers help people to get justice in a court of law. They help us to interpret the law and offer legal counsel when needed. Brazil is one of the nations with the highest number of lawyers. The legal system in Brazil is well established, and the lawyers go through a rigorous process before they are finally allowed to offer their services. Brazil also has a huge population, which explains the need for more lawyers to represent them.

Besides the huge population, Brazil is also endowed with massive natural resources. The country has a beautiful coastline and several other tourist attraction features. As a result, the Brazil has become a prime destination for business people and tourists. Multinational companies are also pitching their tents in the country to get a share of this huge market.

Even with the huge potential for business, one thing that concerns a lot of people is the rigid structure and tough laws governing businesses in Brazil. The Portuguese formerly colonized the country, and it borrows a lot from the Portuguese legal system. The Brazilian legal system is also influenced by other countries such as Germany and French.

Brazil is the federal state that is complemented by 26 State governments. The constitution is the constitution must back the supreme law of the land and any law applied in Brazil. The State governments in Brazil are allowed to make their own laws, but they must adhere to the constitution of the land.

Brazilian lawyers go through a rigorous five year of study before qualifying to become lawyers. One must first be admitted to a recognized University in the country before joining a law school. Every student in the law school is expected to study thoroughly and pass their exams in every stage. They are then supposed to sit for a bar examination that will get them registered in the bar association. One can only offer their legal services when authorized by the bar association.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a renowned Brazilian lawyer who has been practicing law in Brazil for several years now. He specializes in Civil law in Business Litigation. Ricardo founded Leite, Tosto e Barrows Law firm to help him offer legal services to the public.

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