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Grub Street took it upon themselves to the vendors and cart enthusiast to learn more about the evolution of street meat and how it is currently shaping the cities culture. Many people enjoy the delicacies served in these carts though no one has a clue of how it originated and came to be. Hence Grub took it upon themselves to find out;



Zach Brooks, Founder, Midtown Lunch



The founder of midtown lunch attributes the origin of these carts to immigrants. His hunch is on the Italian, Greeks and Gyros immigrants. In the early 80-90’s it is clear to say that the Egyptians and South Asia immigrants started arriving and overtook the carts business, which in turn worked for hand in hand with the taxi business. The pick-up and drop off points for the taxi drivers are centered in midtown the central operating base for these carts.



Konstantinos Dragonas, Manager of Tony Dragon’s Grille



Early when Tony came from the Greek isle he would sell hot dogs on his cart. But later on, Tony wanted to bring a homely feel on the streets. He decided to add a Greek menu to his cart. His marinated chicken breast served with pita bread became famous amongst his customers. Later when other immigrants saw Tony’s business boom the decided to learn a few tricks from the master himself.



Muhamed and Fatima Khan, Trini Paki Boys



Fatima’s husband started selling hot dogs but later opted to sell halal chicken and rice which was well received.



These carts have conquered the city; stories of clients who ate from these carts and later came back ten years later is not unheard of. Amin one of the carts vendors recalls a customer that came back after ten years of moving away.


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