Pro Photographers Share Secrets To Taking Perfect Lighthouse Photos

Lighthouses are beloved by photographers all around the world. Luckily for any amateurs out there, professional photographers are now sharing their top tips to capturing the perfect lighthouse pictures the next time you’re traveling around any coastline.

First off, you need to be sure you have the necessary equipment to capture the images you desire. For example, if you want your lighthouse photos to include the surrounding landscape, then you should invest in a wide-angle lens. People who only want to take a close-up picture of lighthouses, however, should get a medium telephoto lens.

No matter whether you’re trying to capture only the lighthouse or the lighthouse with landscape, every pro photographer suggests buying a tripod. A solid tripod will help you get the clearest shot of the lighthouse no matter what time of day you click your pic.

Another issue to consider when taking lighthouse pictures is glare, especially with lighthouses that have intense blue skies and waters around them. To help get rid of unwanted glare, photographers suggest investing in polarizing, neutral density, or split neutral density filters.

Now that you have all of your equipment, it’s time to go online and do some research on lighthouses you’re interested in photographing. A few key pieces of info you should be on the lookout for include the lighthouse’s GPS coordinates, popular visiting hours, and weather conditions. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to arrive at your destination as early as possible to beat crowds of tourists.

It’s also a good idea to add some foreground interest to complement your lighthouse photo. A few common foreground items photographers suggest include a boat, a tree, or rocks on the shore.

If you want to add a sense of movement in your images, consider using the long exposure effect. It’s especially useful to use this technique when you’re capturing images of waves crashing against a cliff.

One last tip is to experiment with putting your lighthouse photos in black and white. Simply changing a photograph from colored to black and white can instantly give that photo a more somber tone and reduce excessive “visual noise.”

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