Photography is Benefiting the Middle Class in India

Photography has become a popular trade in Indian towns and cities and is particularly popular among Indian women. Sujata Setia, a successful Indian photographer and a native of Surat, has recently been discussed by Forbes Magazine for her extensive contribution to the growing photography movement in her country. Setia has become well known in her region for her skillful development of photography pieces and her commitment to training other women who desire to learn the skill. To date, Setia has held over 200 classes for amateur photographers in India and abroad via virtual classroom communities.


Not only is Setia one of India’s most sought after photographers, but she is one of many women who is pioneering the photography movement in her city. In India and other countries where women as a demographic are only recently moving into career oriented lives, photography has become an art form and a way for women to gain independence through entrepreneurship. Setia teaches courses in artistic photography and business owning to interested Indian women.


India’s love of art as a culture has never been questioned. For centuries, the country has been responsible for some of the world’s finest additions to art history. India’s love of canvas and oil paintings are only now being expanded through the lens of artistic photography. While Sujata Setia’s contribution to the art community is being heralded as a noble effort for the promotion of female entrepreneurship and business, her work is also relevant to the expansion of photography as an art form. Sesia’s work has helped photography become relevant throughout the country. The expansion of photography in India has led to a large increase in domestic product for the country and has opened doors of communication with countries like the United States, China, and Russia. Sesia’s photography pieces and information regarding her educational sessions can be found by searching her business’ name, But Natural Photography. Setia specializes in wedding, newborn, maternity, and lifestyle photography pieces.


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