Photographing the Night Sky

With the super blue moon and lunar eclipse, those who love to take great pictures will want to be ready for the big event. In order to get the best photographs of the moon, or other objects in the night sky, there are some important pieces of equipment you will want to have on hand.

First of all, you will want to find a location that has as little light pollution as possible. Try to get as far away from the city lights as you are able. It’s amazing how different the night sky appears out in the countryside.

You will want to have a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens. Photographers recommend a telephoto lens in the 400 to 600mm size. These are expensive, but it’s worth it to take the best photographs.

A tripod is absolutely necessary. The best way to photograph sky objects is with long exposure times and with slower shutter speeds. You probably won’t be able to hold the camera steady for a long period of time, and with the additional weight of a larger telephoto lens, the tripod will make all the difference.

The ISO on the camera should be between 100 and 200. The moon is very close to the earth right now, so it will be even brighter than normal. For shutter speeds, you can try using standard speeds for the moon. For best results, use a two minute shutter speed.

One way to capture the nicest looking images of the moon, or the night sky, is to frame the image of the moon with an object that is on earth. For instance, frame the moon over the horizon or hills. Shoot a picture of the moon partially hidden by some branches.

The best thing to do when photographing the night sky is to experiment. It may take a few attempts to get the right shot.

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