Photographic Art New and Old

The Foam art gallery in Amsterdam in the Netherlands is currently hosting a photography exhibition entitled “Back to the Future”. The exhibition’s goal is to provide space where photographs from the earliest period of photography will hang next to the work of contemporary artists working in the photographic medium.

One of the works that is drawing significant attention at the exhibition is a set of three photographs by Sylvia Ballhause. When visitors first look at these three photos, they don’t understand what they are looking at. It seems as if no representative image is present. However, upon closer inspection, visitors can make out a view details of a city.

What they are actually looking at are some of the first daguerreotype images done by Daguerre in 1839. These three images have deteriorated extensively. Ballhause photographed the old images so that she could present them at the “Back to the Future” exhibition.

The oldest original photographs on display at Foam are cyanotype images of ferns. These were done by Anna Atkins in 1853.

There are 25 photographers whose work is on display. The work of the photographers ranges from representative photographs to more abstract photos. Various techniques were used by the artists in developing and displaying their photographic art.

The organizers of the exhibit have the goal of allowing those in the younger generations to get a glimpse of the development of photography. They want this generation to see how a variety of techniques can be used to achieve stunning colors and representations. Exhibit organizers want people to realize that photos can be taken without using the Smartphone.

Some of the photographers whose work is on display are highly regarded in the art world. Prominent artists whose work is featured include Matthew Brandt, Jaya Pelupessy, and Felix Van Dam.

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