Photographer Responds To Criticism About Her Body

Jenna Kutcher is a photographer who lives in Wisconsin. Her husband, Kenn, is a health coach. She received insulting comments on Instagram about her weight.

Jenna stated that she and her husband are not their bodies. She stated that she is not defined by her weight or body size. She also stated that her husband is not defined by his six-pack. Jenna stated that they are just a couple who met in college and fell in love.

Jenna and Kenn received national coverage because of the story. After the story went public, she received even more negative comments. She was told that she was too young to be overweight. She was also told that her husband was probably not being faithful to her.

However, Jenna is not letting the negative comments get her down. She is happy that she has received thousands of positive comments from people who support her. Jenna stated that even though she appreciates the positive comments, her worth is not found in the comments on social media.

Jenna and Kenn are staying true to one another, and they are more committed to each other than ever. Jenna is hoping that she can use her platform to promote self-esteem and end the body shaming movement. She believes that the current movement allows people to hide their faces behind the computer.

Jenna encouraged her Instagram followers to look beyond a person’s appearance. Her body positive post had 92,000 likes. Drew was one of the many people on Instagram who agreed with her message. He stated that love, acceptance and cherishing each other is what marriages is supposed to be about. He also stated that the way we look has no effect on the way that we love each other.

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