Photographer Proves How Deceptive Social Media Can Be

Carolyn Stritch is a 32-year-old freelance photographer. She has 190,000 followers on Instagram. She constantly reminds her followers that they need to question everything. She recently conducted an experiment that showed how deceptive social media can be.

Carolyn posted some pictures and had tricked people into believing that she took a trip to Disneyland. She also used filters to alter her appearance. She made her lips bigger, nose smaller and raised her cheekbones. She also removed all of the blemishes and wrinkles from her skin. When she posted the images on her Instagram account, no one questioned whether they are real or fake.

On the caption of one of her photos, she stated that she was getting ready to turn 22 and was celebrating at Disneyland. She stated that she would be flying out on Saturday and returning home on Monday. She even took a picture of herself standing in front of the castle of Sleeping Beauty.

Carolyn stated that she usually does not like to use face filters, but she did it to prove a point. She has pictures of herself reading by the window. However, she stated that she never reads by the window.

Carolyn said that she conducted the experiment in order to do research for her photography degree. She admitted that she went a little far for this project. Any type of social media can have a negative effect on a person’s self-esteem. However, researchers have found hat Instagram is the worst.

Studies have shown that Instagram use is associated with high levels of anxiety and depression. Many people feel as though they are missing out on life because of the images that they see on Instagram.

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