Peter Briger and The Importance of Starting A Business and Inculcating A Culture of Controlled Risk-taking Among The Youth

In an article from The New Yorker, it is revealed that Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group, LLC is one of the early evangelists, supporters, and converts of Bitcoin. He is well-known to be an avid bitcoin enthusiast and has already put most of his assets in the sensational cryptocurrency today. In fact, the Fortress Investment Group company today is already fascinated with Bitcoin Technology because of him, and will consider the platform as an impressive way to improve one’s assets.Peter Briger believes that the bitcoin enterprise is still a gold mine, and there’s still so much potential in it, as well as risks. Being the head of the debt distress department of Fortress Investment Group means that he’s able to understand trends in the global financial markets, mutual funds and credit funds. His expertise is what has led him to believe that the American-based Bitcoin exchange would be a fantastic opportunity for the assets of Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger believes that the Wall Street is still of two minds about the entire Bitcoin exchange, but is becoming increasingly open-minded about it. Pete or Peter Briger is known in the business world as the principal and co-chairman of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group. His role in the company is outstanding, but prior before founding Fortress, he already had built a good reputation for being a partner at Goldman, Sachs and Co. In 1996, he became a partner in the firm, and had even increased his reputation in being a business leader that knows how to grow a company without risking it to too much ruin.The charity involvement of Briger is also noteworthy and may even be a source of inspiration for other companies.

Right now he is involved in developing new concepts and fundraising methods for the non-profit project, Tipping Point. It’s a group that helps low-income families and individuals in San Francisco get the support that they need. By serving on the board for Tipping Point, he manages to lead it to where it can get the best networks and support for its ventures to hit its targets.The involvement of Briger for the non-profit projects of Princeton University has also been a topic of discussion among schools about the role of successful entrepreneurs in generating more risk-takers. The example that Briger has set will inculcate in the minds of the next generation that business is the more important element in saving the world than starting NGOs.

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