Paul Mampilly: Investing opportunities in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a technology that will bring significant changes in the use of technology as we know it today. It is going to be one of the biggest changes that have ever taken place in the world. This technology is proving to be one of the greatest ever in that it is affecting almost every industry. From our homes to the industries, this technology is taking over some of the roles that used to be handled by human beings. Its growth in the coming years will lead to the creation of new products, and most of the companies which will be dealing with the production of such products will record huge growth.

According to Paul Mampilly, a respected investor in the United States, the Internet of Things will create opportunities for investors to make money from technology stocks. He is projecting a boom in the industry as it happened in the 1990s when the personal computing devices were first introduced. Investors who will be ready to take up the opportunities that will arise are most likely to benefit from huge profit gains.

Paul Mampilly is projecting growth in companies that deal with algorithms, data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars and many others such industries. The internet of things is about creating devices which can connect to the internet. Such devices can communicate with each other and do tasks without the intervention of human users.

Mampilly has been a stock investor for two decades, and his favorite industry is technology. He considers it the easiest to get some good opportunities because technological trends keep on coming up frequently. They are also easy to predict since most of us rely on technology for various tasks.

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly started working as an investor in the Wall Street in 1991. Paul Mampilly’s first position was that of an assistant portfolio manager. He kept showing good results and earned job opportunities with bigger financial institutions. At the peak of his career in the Wall Street, he was working as a hedge fund manager.

Paul Mampilly is now retired from the Wall Street and concentrates on teaching the average investor how to invest wisely.

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