Duda Melzer’s Familial Method of Helping

Eduardo “Duda” Sirotsky Melzer in an entrepreneur to keep your eyes on. After serving many years as Vice President at his family’s business, he’s become CEO and Chairman of the board of directors at RBS Group in Brazil. RBS focuses on media communications in Brazil. They have stake in an American market as well and are considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in Brazil. Another success Duda is responsible for is the founding of e.Bricks, a company that invests in promising online businesses. Digital marketing is the platform for this company. They’ve invested well over 300 million in startups since the company’s inception in 2012.

Duda Melzer wasn’t just handed success. He attended college in Brazil and earned a bachelor’s degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. He then went on to earn an MBA from Harvard University. He’s since attended Harvard to take career development coursework. Having worked in the US as an analyst for the Delphi Corporation. He was also CEO of an “unconventional” media company in New York City among other endeavors. He’s won many awards for his hard work including being recognized as a top leader in 2017 by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Many other awards including entrepreneur of the year and exceptional management are also among his credentials.

Duda Melzer not only is an entrepreneur, he’s also involved in running a foundation named after his grandfather Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. The charity has been around for over three decades; its focus is to raise awareness for social issues affecting children and teens in Brazil. They work with governmental agencies to spread the word and get results. Melzer’s position as a leader in the communications world helps them spread the message to the general public as well. Not only does Duda take care of his family, but other famileis in need as well. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Follow him on: https://twitter.com/dudamelzer

Visit his website eduardosirotskymelzer.com

Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Champion

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human right activist also known as Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza. Thor is also a film producer with major contributions and attributes in various fields of public interest advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights as well as public policy. Thor also contributes to pro-democracy advocacy.

In August 2007, Thor Halvorssen was described by the New York Times as a maverick; they further stated him as an individual who champions the underdog and the powerless. He is also a writer and writes for Forbes magazine and is a columnist at the left-leaning Huffington Post.His opinions have featured regularly on various platforms

Thor founded Oslo Freedom Foundation (OFF). It is a foundation that hosts a transformative annual conference. Devoted human rights advocates, technology entrepreneurs, activists and various world leaders meet and engage in a discussion to brainstorm and share their stories and experience. The leaders also have a chance to discussing multiple ways of expanding freedom and also unleash human potential all over the world.

The Economists describe the foundation as the spectacular human rights festival and further stated that the foundation soon it will be a human-rights equivalent to Davos economic forum and learn more about Thor.

Thor Halvorssen is also the president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF). HRF is a non-profit organization that is devoted to protecting and promoting human rights across the globe. The team is most focused on closed societies. Therefore the nonpartisan Foundation contributes towards uniting people with a common cause of defending and protecting human rights.

The HRF also is committed to supporting liberal democracy. The mission of the foundation is to ensure that freedom is promoted and equally preserved across the world. HRF under the leadership of Thor Halvorssen focuses on establishing ideals for various human rights movements and Thor of Linkedin.

Thor was born in Venezuela and is a descendant of the first president Cristobal Mendoza. His father Thor HalvorssenHellum also served as an ambassador for anti-Narcotic affairs in Venezuela and also as a special overseas investigator. Thor graduated from the University of Pennsylvania; he also attended Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa where he studied History and Political Science concurrently and more information click here.

UKV PLC: Leading Provider Of Antiquated Wines

UKV PLC is a company which has based itself on purchasing and distribution of lavish types of fine wine and also champagne. It acquires wine from vineyards in France, Italy, and Spain and then it distributes it to people households. Their business is basically to obtain, supply and trade the wine after bonding. Bonding is done to suit the demands of the clients. The company provides their products not only for consumption but also for anyone who wishes to trade investment grade wine but only if it is controlled in the UK.

The company is made up of a well-accomplished group of people who are consulted in matters concerning the wine so as to ensure the customers’ needs are suited to perfection. Their knowledge ensures the client has information about the most appropriate type of wine or champagne to use for a specific occasion that he/she may have.

The company runs as a self-governing wine business implying that’s it is not restricted to one chain of business. It has connections to other merchants and also a broad network of dealers and is only after highly sought brands of win and also champagne. The company can acquire some of the best brands through their extensive network of business associates. This system ensures that their business runs smoothly.

The familiar brands that UKV PLC deals in are the champagne and wines that include Chateau Lafite, Latour, Mouton Rothschild and Lafite-Rothschild. Purchasing wine through UKV PLC enables you to access the best there is in the market and also the products will reach you promptly.

The company has made it easy for clients to access their services through social media sites. On Facebook, on their official page, there is a picture of Natasha Romanova sipping UKV PLC wine. Also, they have a Twitter handle which is @UkvPlc.

EOS Lip Balm, A Refreshing New Lip Balm Twist With Scents to Match

EOS lip balm is not an ordinary lip balm product. EOS offers exciting new flavors like vanilla bean, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar. But it isn’t just the flavors that excite the senses. It’s the new shape. That spherical shape fits perfectly in the hands and it gives that little click when you close it. The founders of EOS knew exactly what they were doing when they developed this. They wanted to attract and stir the five senses, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Competitors in the lip balm markets have been around for a century or better. So the founders of EOS lip balm knew that getting into the game was going to be hard but they were up to the challenge. They keep their strategy on the down low, focusing their energies on creating the product and producing it. Once that was under way, they knew that all it would take was one chance meeting with a female buyer and they got that. She was excited about the little orbs and placed her order. It started with Walgreens, and then other big retail giants stepped right in. But getting it on the shelf was half the battle, the other half was getting it to sell.

They knew they needed to create a social media buzz around it and by doing that, they reached out to those in the beauty industry, getting them to try their products and review them online. Celebrities followed suit, using the products and creating more buzz around it. Pictures were taken of the celebrities using these products out in the public eye. Magazines picked up on the glamour of the pastel orbs, splashing advertisements all over. This created the stir the company needed to launch itself into success. EOS lip balm surpassed Chapstick, landing in the second spot in the lip balm world. Formore information, visit the EvolutionofSmooth.com Website.



The Verdict is in About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Success rarely occurs by chance and never has this statement been more accurate than the story about the success of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. The company was started in 1991 as a small title and loan processing company. Today it is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale document processing company in the world.


Many of the top retail lending and mortgage companies rely on and use Nationwide for their primary documents that are used in their closing and mortgage transactions. These are some of the largest mortgage transaction companies in the world.


The importance of the service that is provided by Nationwide is evident if you have ever been involved in a property closing yourself. You know then that certain documents have to be a part of the process. The lien on the property will have to have been released, and the title will have to be cleared to be passed on to the new owner. There are other documents that need to be a part of a transaction, but the principle is clear. If there is an inaccuracy or a lost document, the closing will have to be postponed, or worse yet, a buyer may change his or her mind.


The criteria for companies like Nationwide that customers use for determining who the want to business with are the speed of delivery and the accuracy of the documents. Nationwide has a rate of successful compliance of 99.89% and a failure rate of only .78%. These figures mean that Nationwide is accurate and on time just about 100% of the time.


A big part of the ongoing success of the company revolves around the proper training and monitoring of the employees who work the process. New employees have an intensive three-week training period, and then when they reach their work stations, supervisors continue to shadow them until they are totally immersed in their jobs. The mortgage business has lots of details along the way of the delivery processes, and there are best practices at each step of the way.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales, says that the 25 years that Nationwide has been in business has given them plenty of opportunities to fine-tune the operations. The auditing of the processes has been done by just about everybody including Nationwide. Also, the investment has been made in people and technology which makes the auditing and processing a matter of course now, as all that experience has been automated to a fine degree.


Securus Technologies – Leader in Providing Security Technology to Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies

In today’s date, technology plays a vital role in just about every sphere of our lives. Without technology, most of the industries would come to a standstill. One of the leading names in the field of security, criminal and civil technology is Securus Technologies, which recently was named a finalist in the 2017 Stevie Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the area of technology globally. The customer service training department of the company was named as the finalist, and the company is excited about this recent development. The nomination is special for the company as there are over 2,300 participants from across the globe, and being nominated for one of these awards is a highly prestigious thing.



Securus Technologies, based in Dallas is one of the biggest technology firms in the space of criminal justice technology and law enforcement technology. It has a diverse range of IT services that it offers to over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, police authorities and correction agencies. I have personally noticed how the services provided by Securus Technologies can help prevent crimes and get hold of the culprits easily. It is of great use to the law enforcement agencies and helps in keeping the public spaces safe and secure.



Securus Technologies is highly active in North America and serves currently over 120,000 inmates. Few of the other services provided by Securus Technologies include biometric analysis, incident management, emergency response, public information, database management, inmate self-service, communications, and more. The range of services offered by Securus Technologies continues to grow as they add an innovative and highly useful range of products and services to their service portfolio. Stevie Awards nomination is a big boost to the company’s image and would help add credibility to its already wide range of highly popular products and services. The company aims to provide high-end security solutions at cost-effective prices to its vast clientele.


Equities First Holdings – Financial Management is Important in Business

Financial management in your small business incorporates more than just keeping proper records and balancing of the business checking account. There is good to manage your finances well to ensure you remain prepared for any expense in addition to profit distributions. Management of your financial responsibilities influences the entire aspects of your enterprise. A company that trades well but with poor financial management may come down. But whenever it occurs due to unavoidable circumstances, Equities First Holdings assist you company to stand again. By securing a stock-based loan, you have the guarantee of retaining all your business operations running. The valuation process will determine the right solution for your business which will incorporate the loan terms including the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio with a fixed interest rate.

If all the terms are agreeable, you sign the agreement upon which the agreed collateral is transferred to the custodian account of Equities First Holdings. The company funds loans utilizing a delivery-versus-payment technique which indicates that loan proceeds and collateral are taken into the holding accounts simultaneously. During the period of payment, it is only the agreed interests that are paid. And at the finishing of the financing time, the pledged collateral are take back to your account in full upon repaying the principal funding and resume of this company.

You buy assets in your business to create income. Thus all the entire funds considerations of capital costs need to balance the income amount that the asset will generate with the amount it costs. Businesses should always manage their cash flow to enable them have sufficient to pay for utilities, rent, insurance, telephone, supplies and payroll. Thus, you need to look ahead and check whether the accounts receivable are properly checked which should be compared with the outstanding bills. Management of cash flow can take place by shortening the period of time you allow customers to pay and through renegotiation of due dates with vendors. In case you fail to manage the cash flow well, you may fail to pay for expenses hence affecting the running of your company. Today, Equities First Holdings stands at the centre of helping startup companies to grow and manage their resources well.

Human Right Advocate- Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen loves people, and at a very young age, he has been involved in human right advocacy. Mr. Thor grew up in a family where fighting and standing for the right of others was there everyday task and right. Thor was born in 1972, and he came from a royal family. His mother was a descendant of the Venezuelan first President while his father was a Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-narcotics affair. Thor parents were also a human right activist. His father died in a Venezuelan prison, while his mother was shot dead during a demonstration.

After his High School graduation, Thor attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in political science and history. Mr. Halvorssen is the President and the founder of Human Rights Foundation, a group that has a mandate of advocating for human rights all over the world. Human Rights Foundation is located in New York, and since its inception, it has released more than seven prisoners. Thor Halvorssen has also founded several other organizations including Oslo Freedom which can well be described as a remarkable human rights festival which is on the way to becoming a human right equivalent to Davos Economic Forum. Oslo Freedom Forum is organized each year.

Thor Halvorssen is very passionate about personal advocacy, and he has also produced films related to what he loves doing. His films focus on public policy, public interest support, individual rights, and civil freedoms. He is also a leader who over the years has been recognized for his effective leadership skills. Thor is the Patron of Czech-based Children’s peace movement, on Own feet, he has also established Moving Pictures Institute. Thor is a go-getter, and recently he bought Ny Tid which is Norwegian news magazine.Thor has been showing continuous efforts which have given human opportunity to receive awards and recognition including being honored by the University of Pennsylvanian President Judith Rodin for his efforts to protect students’ speech. He was awarded the Sol Feinstone Award.In 2010 he was given a presidential silver medal in honor of commemorating the Romanian Revolution 10th Anniversary. Emil Constantinescu, a Romanian leader, presented the award to Thor. Thor is a fighter whose success is based on others peace of mind and rights.



Eric Lefkofsky Uses Social Media for the Greater Good

These days, almost everyone uses social media. It is a rare occasion find anyone that doesn’t spend half their day involved with some type of social media platform and in many cases, it is easy to find people that spend the majority of their day doing exactly that type of thing. The truth is, some people simply don’t know where to quit when it comes to using social media and they use it until it becomes detrimental to virtually everything else in their lives. However, it is also one of the most powerful tools available for anyone that really knows how to use it. Without a doubt, if you want to get the word out about something quickly and you want to tell a lot of people, social media is one of the most effective and easiest ways of accomplishing those goals. That is why Eric Lefkofsky chooses to use social media. More importantly, he is using it to make his corner of the world a better place.

In some cases, knowing how to use social media to your advantage is vitally important. However, it isn’t necessarily as easy as you might think. You have to be something of a marketing master in order to reach people at the highest levels. Since Lefkofsky is an accomplished businessman and philanthropist, he is quite talented when it comes to learning how to market something successfully. He uses a lot of the same techniques when it comes to social media. The benefits pay off almost immediately. He is capable of getting the word out regarding virtually anything he chooses in a matter of seconds. More importantly, he is capable of reaching tens of thousands of individuals in that amount of time.

He uses social media platforms to inform people about his latest endeavors, such as those involving Tempus. This is a very unique company that is utilizing data analysis to research cancer. Whether he wants to make people aware of the existence of the company, hold a fundraiser, or explain what the company is doing at any given point in time, he is capable of doing all of that and more on social media. He also uses it to further his philanthropic efforts, thereby helping other individuals become more successful.

You might think of Lefkofsky as the poster child for social media prowess. He knows exactly how to use it in order to let people know what is going on and in doing so, he makes the world a better place because he gives more individuals the opportunity to live healthy and successful lives.

More visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-lefkofsky

Clay Siegall; The Down-to-earth Genetics Company CEO


Football seems to be a little bit easier to understand than cancer. It seems that most people in America are football fans on some level and understand how the game is played. Only a few of the brightest among us are capable of researching cancer at a genetic level in order to come up with laser focused treatments.

In Clay Siegall, we seem to have the best of both worlds. The CEO of Seattle Genetics blogs about the NFL in his free time. He seems particularly aware of free agent movements in the league. He is posting articles like some sort of ESPN sports writer forecasting the movements of top-tier free agent talent. The super smart cancer scientist would probably be a wicked flow in fantasy football.

It seems that Clay Siegall can love sports and be a nerd at the same time. Right below one of his NFL blogs sits an article about black holes. Apparently, a star and a black hole are getting too close to each other somewhere in the deep reaches of space. Clay Siegall so we likewise is about how incredibly interesting and beautiful the entire cosmic dance is. It is not the typical thing and NFL football fan would find himself talking about. But that’s just the way Clay Siegall seems to operate.

It is really fun to read his blog because it makes him incredibly down to earth. If you did not read his blog before meeting him, you are likely to become intimidated. The incredibly successful CEO has been investigating cancer on a genetic level and coming up with incredibly unique ways to treat the malignant disease.

In 2001, he really stepped up his game against cancer. He took his cofounded company, Seattle Genetics, public. He then went on tour to raise money for his researchers to the tune of $1.2 billion. This money has really stimulated cancer research on a genetic level and has scored the company plenty of green lights and patents. Soon the company will offer oncologists a complete array of targeted treatments so that they may better help their patients in the fight of their lives.