David McDonald’s Impressive Records

David McDonald is the President of the world’s premier food provider that associates with exclusive international brands. David McDonald has played leadership roles in OSI Group for more than thirty years pioneering it to expansion. Under David McDonald’s instructions, OSI Group maintains its initial focus on delivering more products to its clients. The success of OSI Group has led to David’s interrogations by different personalities to ascertain the organization’s strategy towards achievement. David McDonald provides possible prompts that aid in the thriving of his foundation and its continuous growth. In David McDonald’s opinion, OSI Group’s core consideration is in ethics and entrepreneurship. The company’s employees target to satisfy their customer’s needs. David provides that OSI Group’s flexibility is attributed to its nature of being a private enterprise. Mr. McDonald leads the organization in the creation of good relationships with customers and other food firms.

David McDonald was brought up in the north eastern part of Iowa state. His educational experience is exciting. In 1987, David McDonald left the University of Iowa State as a graduate. More impressive, David received a unique prize by Wallace E. Barron as well as an animal science degree. He then joined OSI Industries and worked his path up to become the company’s chief operating officer and President. His expertise in the agricultural sector is impassive to his community. In 2011, Mr. McDonald organized a visit to China-based OSI facilities to support student internships and advocating for future internship opportunities. He offers support to activities carried out by his fraternity through funding. To supplement his intentions for his community, David McDonald was at the forefront of a fundraising campaign organized for the architecture of the AGR house in Iowa State. David played a primary role in the naming of AGR Fraternity Arena and an agricultural learning institution.

David McDonald is married to Malinda. The couple has six kids and stays in Warrenville, III. David values the outcomes of education. He has enrolled his two oldest children at Iowa State, and the remaining four will attend school soon. His commitments are geared towards supporting institutions and benefit students in the coming years. David McDonald views Iowa State as an exceptional location throughout his lifetime.

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BenefulIncredibites are made with small dogs

BenefulIncredibites are made with small dogs in mind. This is a special dog food designed for small breeds, not puppies, adult small breeds. Some examples, of small breeds this food is intended for are Chihuahuas, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs, and Maltese, and any other breed that is around that size. BenefulIncredibites are made from either real chicken or real beef. The meat is the first and largest ingredient, it also has whole grain corn, barley, and rice. Dogs enjoy BenefulIncredibites so much because the primary ingredient is real meat and it is easy for smaller breed dogs to eat. Incredibites with chicken dry dog food sells for $13.99 for 15.5 lb bags. There is Incredibites wet dog food which is avaialable in a variety pack and sells for $14.94 for 27 three ounce cans. There are many $2.00 BenefulIncredibites coupons available online at different coupon websites. BenefulIncredibites with real chicken is a very popular flavor for dogs. There are 366 calories per cup in the beef flavor and also in the chicken flavor. BenefulIncredibites is also available in dog treats for small breed dogs. They are availabile in real chicken and carrots flavor and sell for $5.39 for a 12 ounce bag.

Roc Nation Negotiations lead by Desiree Perez?

Update 10.5.17*** In an effort to benefit the victims of recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, Des Perez and the Roc Nation family are holding an auction. Find out more on Billboard.com.


Desiree Perez is a hard hitting business woman with the savvy and street savoir-faire. She currently is managing Jay Z’s businesses: Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports and the music streaming service Tidal. Tidal has recently come under scrutiny by many of it’s music streaming adversaries due to the fact it’s rumored to be in dire financial standing. Desiree Perez has been keeping the music streaming service afloat and helping Jay Z come up with new plans for the ambitious music streaming service.

Samsung, Spotify and Google are all rumored to have been in talks with Tidal and Desiree Perez about taking over the Tidal company. The likes of Sprint and Softbank were also circling the Tidal company, but they seemed to have been turned down by Desiree Perez for their deal offerings. When Tidal was originally created the service was valued at two hundred and fifty million dollars. To date it’s estimated to be worth one hundred million dollars. The company has been losing ten mil each year as well. It doesn’t even seem that the likes of limited artist released music from Kanye, Rihanna and Beyoncé are saving the company.

The future of Tidal is currently in the hands of the negotiating mastermind Desiree Perez and the business mogul and lyrical powerhouse rapper Jay Z Carter. Based on the rumors the deal with Spotify would be a good move for the Tidal company, since they don’t want to buy it out. They want to partner up with Tidal instead. The company would be called “Tidal powered by Spotify” if a partnership was struck between the two. Due to her many years under her belt with handling business matters, Desiree Perez is sure to find the best deal for the future prospects of the Tidal company. Even though Tidal has been somewhat struggling, it is still a valuable company with many exclusive releases from artists that are highly sought out by their large fan bases. There is also the possibility that Tidal might use their exclusive releases to help balance themselves out soon down the line. It all lies on the shoulders of Jay Z and Desiree Perez.

***UPDATE*** August 28th, 2017: Billboard Magazine has just published an article featuring Desiree Perez, COO of TIDAL. Read more below to get the full scoop.

***UPDATE***June 30th, 2017: Desiree Perez has a new write-up on IGstars.com, detailing her career with Roc Nation. See below for the full story.

***UPDATE*** June 8th 2017– Desiree Perez is the newest member of Mogul.com. Check out her profile below for more information on her career with Roc Nation and Rihanna.

***UPDATE*** April 5th, 2017Desiree Perez and the Tidal family are happy to announce the release of Beyonce’s new video, honoring her 9th anniversary with Jay Z. Read more and get the link to download the video below.


Download Tidal and watch the new Beyonce video here.


Desiree Perez Onmogul.com

Kate Hudson and Fabletics: Be Fearless

These days, reviews about a brand matter as much as hearing a person talk about the brand. There is such thing as a review oriented marketing approach. Kate Hudson launched Fabletics in 2013, which owns over $235 million in revenue as well as growing 200%. TechStyle Fashion Group is Fabletics’ parent company. Online reviews are a part of managing an online business. People use the Internet to research their options well before they buy. Traditional marketing and advertising is on it’s way out because of low trust that consumers have in these older practices. 50% of customers say they read reviews regularly.


60% say that negative reviews will cause them not to use a particular business. L2 is a research firm that states 76% of consumer brands surveyed revealed that user reviews on their website increased by over 70% since 2014. Website features have other uses besides reviews but reviews have increased dramatically. 33% of in-store mobile searches were used in price comparison while 65% were searches for reviews or more information about the product. This only happens because users want to feel confident about their purchases. Good reviews help build revenue, as well as customer loyalty. Positive reviews improve the outlook on the company and the ranking in general.


BrightLocal did research which indicated to them that 74% of people said they would purchase a product after seeing user reviews included on the project page. Fabletics gathers, manages, and replies to customer reviews in the thousands. They have 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average score of 8.2. Their key performance indicator (KPI), refers to 85% of sales coming from repeat customers, and 17% of new customers are referrals. TechStyle Fashion Group doesn’t just look at the numbers to run their business. They listen to customer taste with empathy.


Kate Hudson has 5 secrets to running her business. Fabletics was started in 2013. Fabletics has a $250 million dollar revenue in 2016 as well as sales increasing to 43% in 2016. Fabletics has 21 million followers on Twitter, and has opened 18 retail stores in the four years it has been in business. Athleisure is the apparel company that sells casual clothing to wear at the gym. Hudson’s success comes from marketing opportunities, taking a hand’s on approach, relying on the information present to make good decisions, getting inspired by her mother, Goldie Hawn’s lead, and believing in yourself. Her motto is quoted as being “Live your passion. Life on earth is very short, so focus on what matters most.” Be fearless.

Susan McGalla – Providing Tips for Women to Achieve Their Dreams in Corporate World

Susan McGalla is known as one of the most successful women in the business community of the United States. Not only has she held the position of President at American Outfitters Inc, but she has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seals Inc. These are two of the leading consumer companies in the country, and Susan McGalla managed these businesses successfully during her term, increasing its revenue considerably. Susan McGalla is also a highly renowned motivational speaker and has spoken on the issue of women empowerment on many occasions and events, including at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and the famous Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla feels that women have a lot to contribute to the corporate sector, and even though the percentage of women in the business world has been increasing gradually, Susan says that the corporate world continues to be dominated by men. Susan MCGalla says that it is a situation that can change considerably in the future if women today play their cards well and improve their position for the future.

One of the first advices she has to give to women is that they should do well in studies and focus on building an impressive academic portfolio. Susan McGalla says that having a good academic background would almost always ensure that they are placed well in the corporate sector in the future. She also said that the women these days are not able to get into the good ranks of the corporate world due to the lack of higher education in their profile. It is mainly because most women fail to get into good universities due to lack of funds. It is for this reason Susan McGalla says that women must plan their finances well.

Susan McGalla also speaks about how the working women should conduct themselves to achieve success in their workplace. She says that the first thing women must focus on is their performance and to remain sincere at the workplace. Susan McGalla said that good performance is always recognized, and would sooner or later be rewarded without fail.

Editing Power Brings New Opportunities

Cell phone cameras have become the new norm for most people and with good reason. They’re handy, small, and who wants to be carrying around an extra device when one will do? Photo editing apps are becoming more sophisticated with increased demand. Users want to be able to edit their photos while they’re still on their phones. Downloading and then editing just isn’t fast enough.

Lightricks, the maker of Facetune, has put out a new app called Enlight Photofox, an upgrade to the already existing app, Enlight. Enlight was a popular and powerful app in and of itself, but Photofox has added significant features that take photo editing to a new level.

The base version comes with a full set of editing tools but brings with it additional features inspired by Photoshop. Users now have the power to create layers for combining, blending, and merging photos in new ways. Adjusting image opacity, photo content, and altering individual layers can now be done through the app.

The layer feature alone brings editing features that can change the dynamics of how cell phone photos are used. Layers allow the transforming of shape, size, and perspective. They can be filled with colors or patterns, flipped horizontally or vertically, all from a small pocket-sized device. That’s a powerful app to prepare photos for sharing with family, friends, or on social media.

Not all the features on Photofox come free with the basic package. In-app purchases allow users to pick and choose which features they want. A paid monthly subscription gives access to all features for advanced users. It’s exciting to see the development of photography as technology advances.

Reviewing The Role Played by Photography in Christopher Nolan’s Latest Movie Titled Dunkirk

Photography and video shoot undeniably serve as the foundation for any film, irrespective of its location or theme. Such a valuable sentiment couldn’t have been made any clearer than in Christopher Nolan’s latest film titled Dunkirk. The highly anticipated film depicts a recreation of the World War 2 evacuation from air, sea and land according to an eyewitness account. Nolan’s widely known reputation as an acute director speaks volumes about the precise details and lengths covered to create this film. Based on the movie’s ancient photography, the film features an immersive and suspense packed series of events aimed at captivating audiences from various walks of life.

Right on the onset, Dunkirk immerses audiences into suspense and action-packed setting as German sharpshooters capture a group of British fighters a few yards from an embattled beachhead. Just to inform the captives of their current predicament, the French soldiers drop “We surround you” leaflets to pile more misery to their subjects. Backed against the ocean, the British troops are left hopeless despite being 26 miles away from their motherland.

As a frenzy of bullets and bombs erupts, none of the captives feel as much wrath as Tommy, an integral character in the film characterized by his fable body. Driven by instinct and occasional episodes of naivety, Tommy takes us through his ordeal as he overcomes numerous obstacles to stay alive. As the mayhem carries on, audiences get to empathize with Tommy as he struggles to ferry an injured colleague aboard a ship with the aid of a stretcher.

The week long ordeal builds up Tommy’s character along with those of his soldiers in the face of adversity. More worrying is the rising number of sinking British ships as their odds of victory dwindle by the minute. In a nutshell, the movie portrays a group of soldiers with different personalities putting aside their differences in an attempt to survive the harrowing ordeal. Nolan’s narratives hardly fail to impress and viewers should gear up for an entertaining and pulsating movie.

Market America Miami Conference is a Game Changer

Market America is one the retail businesses in America that have an inspiring story. Started more than 20 years ago by former top Amway distributor JR Ridinger and his wife, the company has become a successful international enterprise. It has made 300 millionaires worldwide with an employment base of over 650 employees. The company aims at empowering entrepreneurs who are willing to use the platforms of the enterprise. The company usually holds an annual conference to help the various stakeholders and interested parties to learn more about the business operations. The annual seminar is mostly held in Miami and commonly known as Market America Miami conference.


Market America Miami conference mostly takes place on a weekend, and attendees get the chance to learn the fundamental of the business procedures. Most these basics include learning how to convert your spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity. Most of the attendants come from different countries where the company has branches. This year Market America Miami conference was held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami which took three days. Those who had the privilege to attend were awarded instant access to the company’s regional conventions, seminars, and trade shows.


The company is planning to have another Market America Miami conference in the year 2018. The event will still be held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami from 1st February to 3rd February. The organization will have speakers give personal testimonies on the positive impact of the business. Market America Miami conference is a unique event to those who understand and believe in the simple model of the Market America.




Getting Involved with a Photography Profession

Getting involved with a new career can be a wonderful way to bring in more money and to understand what is available to you. One of the best things you can do nowadays is get involved with a photography business. There are tons of DSLR cameras that you can use if you would like to begin this exciting and worthwhile career. It’s great to know that your hobby can be turned into a career just by doing what you absolutely love, and you’ll be able to make a little money off of it.

There are a lot of people who find that photography is the right option for them, and this is why they are looking to begin a career and start doing it professionally. The best way for you to get involved with photography is for you to get exposure. This means that you will need to consider setting up a website or doing something similar to get your name out there and for people to know that you’re even in business.

Once you make the decision to set yourself up for a career in photography, you’ll find that this is something that benefits you greatly and encourages people to want to make use of your services. You might want to utilize these services as you see fit, which makes it easy and quick and get what you need. Once you have set up a photography business, it is nice to know that this is something you will enjoy doing for years to come. There is very little work that needs to be done in order for you to get started, so the key is to begin the process of getting your career going and understanding that this is an option vital to meeting your needs right at home.

Orange Coast College Gets New Planetarium

In a recent announcement, Orange Coast College revealed that it is getting a new planetarium on campus. This new planetarium will provide students and members of the community with a place to go to when looking to get a more comprehensive education about many topics in the field of astronomy. Thanks to a $1 million donation from one of the college’s professors, Orange Coast College will have a new facility that will provide a number of features that will help people get a better understanding of astronomy. One of these features is an exhibit that demonstrates how the Earth rotates. By attending this exhibit, members of the community will be in position to get a first hand glimpse of how Earth moves on a regular basis.


Orange Coast College is one of the many community junior colleges that one can attend in southern California. It is located in the city of Costa Mesa in Orange County. The college is one of the leading educational institutions in the area. One of the things that make this a leading educational institution is the many programs that it offers students. Those who choose to attend Orange Coast College will be able to study a number of fields that will prepare them for further study at the college level or for a career. Students can study and receive certification or an associate degree in fields such as accounting, computer science, healthcare, biology, psychology and also business administration. With these programs, a number of students will be in great position to start their career after just two years of study or move on to receive a bachelor’s degree.


As well as offering a number of fields to study, students who attend this college will also have the opportunity to learn at a pact that best suits them. With a number of online programs, students can study their major on the internet and complete coursework at any time. This provides them with the flexibility they need if they have other obligations throughout the day. Along with offering flexible degree programs, Orange Coast College provides students with a number of activities that they can do on top of their studies. They can join a number of clubs and student organizations that can allow them to network and enhance their educational experience. Orange Coast College also provides some of the most affordable options in terms of education as well.

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